Top 10 Emotional & Physical Changes in Pregnancy

While pregnancy comes along with happiness and high expectations, you are definitely bound to be affected in one way or another throughout the pregnancy term. While some of the effects are physical, others are emotional. Without the necessary knowledge of how to deal with the same, the effects can become serious, leading to unhealthy pregnancy term.

Physical Changes in Pregnancy

Some of the physical pregnancy effects you are bound to experience include:

  • Increased breast size – This is in fact the first sign that you are pregnant. As your breasts increase in size, your chest size also increases to allow you take in extra oxygen.
  • Skin changes – Apart from skin color change caused by hormonal changes, your abdominal skin will stretch to accommodate a larger body. You may also experience acne because your skin’s sebaceous glands increase oil production.
  • Increased hair and nail growth – Because of increased hormone levels, you are bound to experience increased and faster growth of strong hair and nails.

These are just some of the physical effects you will experience. Emotionally, you are bound to experience the following:

  • Nesting instinct – This is natural and happens a few months to delivery. You will the instinct to start preparing the house for the baby’s arrival. You will find cleaning areas that you do not regularly clean, just to create a conducive environment for the baby.
  • Lack of concentration – You will experience forgetfulness and failure to concentrate in anything that you do. It may be necessary to write down what you will do in a given day.
  • Mood swings – This will come about because of fluctuation in hormonal levels.
  • Guilt feeling – You will have a guilty feeling, especially when you meet those who you highly respect.
  • Anxiety – this will develop in stages as you near the end of your pregnancy term.
  • Eating disorders – Your eating routine will change. You may not feel like eating when the rest of the family is at the table.
  • Stress – This is the worst that you need to pay close attention. Failure to handle it can lead to depression, which can seriously affect your unborn baby.
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Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional effects or both, it is important to take measures to reduce their effect. Seek help when necessary, avoid loneliness, avoid stressful situations and do not allow yourself to be pressurized.

Effects of Pregnancy on Sex Life

The fact that you are pregnant should not be a hindrance to having an enjoyable sex. Note that your spouse or partner will still need to be intimate with you. However, this will depend on your sex drive, and you are bound to have different feelings about sex during different stages of your pregnancy:

  • First trimester – This is a time when your body adjusts to various changes that take place within and without yourself. You may have a low sex drive in this period as you tackle the initial problems that come with pregnancy including morning sickness and vomiting.
  • Second trimester – Your body has adjusted to various changes. The increase of estrogen and progesterone levels will make you want to be near your spouse or partner most of the time. You will experience increased vaginal lubrication, increased sensitivity of your breasts nipples and have increased blood flow into your pelvic area. All these will increase your libido and you may want to have sex more often.
  • Third trimester – You start to visualize the arrival of your baby. You may have added extra weight with a large belly. You develop a fear of hurting your baby by having sex. All these lower your sex drive and you may not want to be near your spouse as the days near.

Handling matters of sex can be a challenge when you are pregnant but lack the necessary knowledge or information. It is important for both of you to talk to a health care provider to inform you of the myths and facts relating to sex and pregnancy.

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