Obesity in Pregnancy – Its Not Always Good

The facts can no longer be swept under the table. Women have had a raw deal when it comes to the subject of pregnancy and obesity. Information available on the relationship between these two phenomenons is very confusing and has left most women to do as they wish. The information available online and magazines dwell more on the negativity of getting pregnant while obese, ignoring the fact that obese women have sex, get pregnant, nature their pregnancy and give birth to normal babies like any other. The point here is not to encourage obesity or discuss negatively about it but rather to lay down the true balanced facts in relation to what obese women face and what they go through.

Caused by various factors including lack of exercise, poor diet, poor lifestyle and other health related complications, obesity is a cause of serious health problems during pregnancy including preeclampsia that leads to various health complications (high blood pressure, restriction of placenta blood flow to the fetus and fluid retention), delivery problems, vulnerability to infections and gestational diabetes. The fetus too faces such problems as macrosoma (excess weight), obesity during childhood and neural tube defects. Personal problems still abound; those associated with pregnancy. An obese woman still has to contend with the common pregnancy problems.

From studies conducted by various independent health research institutions, being pregnant when obese presents several challenges apart from the above. You baby is bound to have cardiovascular defects. The risk of delivering a baby with buildup fluid in the brain also increased. In addition, there is a possibility of delivering a baby with cleft lip or cleft palate. With all personal health obesity problems coupled with pregnancy problems, it is certain that you may not wish to get pregnant while obese. Does it therefore mean that you should not get pregnant when obese? Certainly no. With modern health care systems, you can manage and nature your pregnancy to term with minimal complications and have safe delivery. This does not mean that you sit down pretty knowing that you can safely give birth even with obesity. Forget about getting pregnant and giving birth and concentrate on your own personal health. Working on bettering your health even before thinking of getting pregnant is will be more appropriate.

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To forestall health problems during your pregnancy and after, you need to take necessary measures not only to reduce chances of such problems occurring but also a good health:

1. Lose weight before attaining pregnancy

This is vital in securing the health of coming fetus and your own health. Invest in appropriate weight loss program that will see your weight reduce gradually. Because varied weight reduction programs are available including diet program, you need to work closely with your doctor and nutritionist in ascertaining the best program to undertake. Do not wait to lose weight while pregnant, you will be endangering your baby’s life.

2. Cut weight gain

You need to examine your lifestyle and diet with the intention of cutting on the habits, foods and drinks that encourage your obesity condition. Doing this with an appropriate weight loss program will see you reduce your weight in a safe a healthy way.

3. Exercises

Create specific time for performing exercises. This will not only burn excess calories but also make you physically fit.

Although you can get pregnant while obese and deliver, you should remain alive to the various complications you are bound to experience and those that fetus is likely to be exposed to in the womb and when born.

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