Brazilian Wax during Pregnancy – Safe or Not?

Brazilian waxing is one of bikini waxing styles that has very popular throughout the world. Unlike other styles of bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing involves the removal of hair on all parts below, including the pelvic area, front and the back. A common practice that has emerged however is the leaving of a thin strip of hair on the pubis, what many women refer to as the “landing strip”. This style literally involves the removal of all hair from the buttocks, anus, vulva and perineum. Several arguments have emerged as to whether Brazilian waxing during pregnancy is safe or not. While some women are in favor, others are of the opinion that it is not safe.

Those who are in favor of Brazilian waxing during pregnancy put forward the argument that it provides for a high level of hygiene, which is very necessary for the health of the unborn baby. They argue that the fact that the waxing completely removes hair below gives them a good opportunity to clean themselves and maintain a high level of hygiene. Another argument that proponents of Brazilian waxing during pregnancy put forward is that it makes delivery process smooth, giving maternity personnel easy time to assist delivering mothers deliver their babies.

On the other hand, those who oppose Brazilian wax during pregnancy have their own reasons. One of the main reasons they put forward is the fact that Brazilian waxing is a very painful experience. While it is true that this style of waxing can be painful for first timers, the fact is that such pain reduces with regular waxing sessions. As to whether the level of pain experienced can have a negative effect on the unborn baby is another point of debate all together. Another issue that is raised against this type of waxing during pregnancy is that to do with powders and other ingredients used during waxing. While those who oppose argue that such may not be safe for the unborn baby, the fact remains that the ingredients used do not end up being absorbed into the body and can therefore not in any way affect the unborn baby.

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What comes out clear from issues raised by both proponents and opponents of Brazilian wax during pregnancy is that it is perfectly safe. A very important point that both may need to consider is where to receive the waxing and what waxing technique to opt for. It is very important for pregnant women intending to receive Brazilian wax treatment to receive the treatment from qualified professional salons and indicate that they are pregnant. This will inform the salonist on the best Brazilian waxing technique to employ.

One of the most popular Brazilian waxing techniques that professional salonists employ on pregnant women is the American waxing technique. This technique involves a pregnant woman’s undergarment being tucked in and covered with paper towel. A small applicator is then used on both sides of the bikini area to create a clean line. An antiseptic cleaner is then applied on the area before powder is applied. Wax is then applied in strips, following the direction of hair growth. Because of coarseness of hair in this area, a second wax application is usually applied. Once the wax settles, the wax strips are pulled away against the growth of hair. This takes between 20-30 minutes.

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