5 Easy Exercises for Pregnant Women

Although attaining pregnancy definitely brings you a lot of joy, you are bound to experience varied effects, which can make you very uncomfortable. Apart from health related problems that can be medically resolved, you are bound to experience such problems as tiredness or fatigue, general body pain and weak or tightened muscles. While these are problems that can easily be addressed through exercises, it is not appropriate that you undertake any form of exercise because of your pregnancy. There are specific exercises that are suitable that you can safely perform to combat problems that can otherwise not be medically addressed. Some of the exercises include but not limited to:

1. Swimming

Both doctors and fitness professional are in agreement that swimming is one of the safest exercises pregnant moms can perform. Swimming has the effect of toning your body muscles without stressing your joints. Swimming is also a very good way of exercising your cardiovascular muscles. What you need to avoid is scuba diving or skiing. As a precaution, it is always good to be accompanied by an aid while swimming.

2. Walking

The fact that you walk daily does not mean that you perform effective exercise. A walking exercise requires that you prepare a schedule. A good walking exercise in your pregnancy should be in a park or open locations where you are able to obtain fresh air. While going down and up hill is perfect, you need to restrict yourself level grounds to reduce chances of any injuries. You need to start slow by covering a reasonable distance before increasing the same.

3. Yoga

Particular yoga exercises (asanas) are very appropriate during pregnancy. Such asanas have the effect of relieving stress and pressure in your body. You can easily obtain yoga DVD’s complete with instructions on how to perform the asanas. What you need to avoid while performing yoga exercises is overstretching.

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4. Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are beneficial both to you and your unborn baby. Because keeping your balance can be a problem, you need to join a health club that offers aerobic exercises for pregnant moms. What you will need to avoid is lying on your back for a long time.

5. Kegel

Kegel exercises are some of the best exercises you can perform in your pregnancy. Kegel exercises have the effect of strengthening and toning your pelvic muscles, which is certainly necessary for easy birth. By strengthening these muscles, you will find it very easy to control them during labor and delivery. Such problems as bladder leaks are also eliminated. You may also need to perform Kegel exercises after delivery to promote fast healing and regain bladder control.

6. Bicycling

Using a stationery bike to exercise is extremely safe during pregnancy and because the bike supports your weight, you do not stress your body. Note your belly exerts a lot of pressure on your body as it grows something that you can address through biking. It is important to start slow and not over-exert yourself at any point.

Exercising during pregnancy is perfectly in order. You only need to stick to exercises that are safe both to you and your unborn baby. However, it is always important to consult your doctor before you undertake any exercise regime. It is also important to wear appropriate clothing. Wear shoes that provide support and avoid tight clothes.

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