High Heels in Pregnancy – Is it safe?

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and brings a lot of changes – emotionally, physically and psychologically in a woman What type of footwear should be worn is one of the important questions arising in many expectant ladies. Comfort is the most vital thing to be taken care of during pregnancy. This is applicable to the choice of wearing heels too.

Types of High Heels

Following are the various types of heels available in the market:

  • Kitten-Short heel with a maximum height of 2 inches
  • Cone-Broad at the base and narrow at the tip near the ground
  • Prism-Heel formed by three sides of a triangle
  • Stiletto-Slim tall heel with a minimum height of 2 inches
  • Spool-Broader at the base and at the tip where it meets the ground, relatively narrow in between.
  • Puppy-Square block heel with a diameter and height of 2 inches
  • Wedge-Heel that occupy the entire region between the arch and heel part of the foot

Is it safe to Wear Heels During Pregnancy?

The doctors are of the opinion that there is extra pressure on the joints during pregnancy. Wearing heels aggravates the strain and may result in a number of foot problems. Heels make a pregnant woman vulnerable to accidental spills.

Joint Pain

Wearing high heels in pregnancy will increase the chances of having joint pain and cramps in leg muscles. The increased pressure due to pregnancy requires a comfortable shoe wear and heels only deteriorates the condition.

Foot Edema

An important aftermath of wearing heels during pregnancy is foot edema and excruciating discomfort. Edema might also be seen at the foot ball.  Walking becomes difficult and the pregnant woman finds difficulty in carrying out day-today activities.

Foot Flattening

Since the foot rolls over the leg so the foot arch flattens to a great extent. The pronation increases and this further proves to be harmful.

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Difficulty In Walking

Heels should be avoided in pregnancy as it causes difficulty in walking properly. There is always a risk or apprehension of falling or slipping down stairs.

Threat To Pregnancy

A woman with heels in feet is always at the risk of having a miscarriage. Your pregnancy is threatened due to the danger of falling or having a twisted foot. So why to be at risk for the mere joy of wearing heels?

An Important Point

During pregnancy the ligaments that control our back are quite softened and become susceptible to the danger of being stretched. Heels increase this threat and put the pressure on the already weak region.

Flat shoes are definitely a better choice during pregnancy. Not only they provide great comfort, they also reduce the strain on our back. For a change you may carry a flat pair of shoes. Wear heels for some time and then change over to your comfort zone- the flats.

Wearing heels is not a good choice as during pregnancy with increased weight, your gait also changes and heels may prove to be horror. All in all, the best thing is to think of the health hazards involved and shun the idea of wearing heels during the most beautiful and memorable phase of your life.

Remember, nothing is more precious than your baby’s health and safety.

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    Complete baloney. There are no studies that statistically prove a women is more likely to have a miscarriage by wearing high heels.

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