Risks Of Pregnancy After 40

We live in a fast world where you are forced to work hard and struggle to find financial independence before you finally think of settling down and starting a family. This is however at a cost. You are likely to delay getting into a serious relationship or marriage. Delaying marriage or getting pregnant at a later stage puts you in a good position to take care of your baby from an informed background; you will have known the appropriate ways of taking care of children. You will also be mature and in a position to make appropriate decisions regarding your family. Unlike a young mother, you are bound to be focused on your baby, without the need for adventures.

While you are in a good position to take care of yourself properly after late pregnancy at 40, you are bound to face various challenges. To get pregnant at 40 has various health risks, some of which include:

  • Fertility – Once you hit 40, your fertility decreases greatly. You loose many eggs right from your puberty, which worsens when you hit 40. To get pregnant becomes difficult at this time and you may be forced to seek fertility treatment. In doing so, it is only appropriate that you receive the treatment from an approved center. To get pregnant at 40 also requires you to monitor your menstrual cycle so that you have sex when the probability of getting pregnant becomes high. It therefore becomes necessary to keep a record of your menstruation cycle.
  • High blood pressure – Chances of having high blood pressure become high if you delay pregnancy. This is likely to occur during pregnancy. It is only important that you go for pregnancy test in good time. This will enable you ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. In case of pregnancy, you will need to prepare to deal with early signs of pregnancy because they can be overwhelming at your age.
  • Diabetes – Developing diabetes is common with women who wait to get pregnant at 40. You are also likely to deliver a child low in weight. In addition, chances if still childbirth becomes very high. Conceiving at 40 is not only a risk to you healthwise but also to your baby. Children born of mothers aged 40 and above are likely to have type-1 diabetes and high blood pressure problems. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, it is important that you pay your doctor regular visits to ascertain your condition, especially after noticing early signs of pregnancy.
  • Miscarriage – Conception at 40 puts you at a big risk of not carrying your pregnancy to full term. You are likely to miscarry during your pregnancy period. In order to sustain the pregnancy to full term and have a healthy pregnancy, it may be necessary to work closely with your doctor and a nutrition specialist whose is in a better position to advice you on the best pregnancy diet to follow. Other factors that may lead to miscarriage will need to be addressed.
  • Caesarian Birth – Conceiving at 40 increases your chances of having caesarian birth. This is especially true for first-time mothers who wait to get pregnant until they hit 40. It may therefore be impossible to have additional babies in the future. Doing so will be putting your life at risk.
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While you may wait and get pregnant at 40, you should remain alive to the risks involved. Looked at from both sides, it is wise to conceive while you are still young and have energy, unless circumstances force you to wait until 40.

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