4 Skin Problems that occur during Pregnancy

It is a fact that women spend a great amount of time in caring for their skin, and it may be that you do the same. In your effort to obtain and wear beautiful and smooth skin, you definitely use varied skin care products. The realization that some of these products contain harmful ingredients capable of causing problems both on the skin and internally calls for careful selection of akin care products to use. No where is this care needed most than when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy affects different women in different ways especially when it comes to the skin. While some women proceed to develop luscious skin once they attain pregnancy, majority end up with various skin problems that need to be addressed. Being amongst the majority who have pregnancy skin problems does not mean that you have no alternative in taking care of your skin. Below are some of the skin problems you may encounter during pregnancy and how you can address them to continue wearing healthy and smooth skin.

  • Acne Eruption of acne is perhaps one of the most common skin problems that pregnant women encounter. You may also encounter rashes and bumps on the skin. The fact that you have access to varied over-the-counter topical applications does not mean that you can obviously use the same. Note that you are pregnant and some of the products you may use contain ingredients that can penetrate your skin and end up in your blood stream and eventually to your unborn baby. You need to carefully choose the products to use. The products you may use and that are safe include erythromycin cream, sulphur-based creams and creams containing glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. However, you need to consult your health care provider before embarking on using the same.
  • Melasma – Otherwise referred to as pregnancy mask or chloasma, Melasma is another skin problem you may encounter in pregnancy. Melasma occurs as dark patches or pigmented skin especially on your face. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Melasma is very common in women dark hair and dark complexion. It occurs because of hormonal changes prompted by pregnancy and over-exposure to direct sunlight. Dealing with Melasma can be a challenge considering the fact that there is no specific treatment for the same. While staying out of the sun can help in reducing Melasma, you can also safely use such products as azelaic acid, topical applications containing vitamin C. You may also use a safe concealer to minimize appearance of Melasma.
  • Skin itches – You are likely to experience skin itches particularly on your belly. This can be accompanied by general body rashes. Itching on the skin is mainly caused by stretching of the skin as the baby grows and changes in hormonal levels. Although the itching naturally fades away soon after delivery, the discomfort it causes may force you to use a safe product such as calamine lotion to soothe the skin. You however need to consult your health care provider as skin itches during pregnancy can be a symptom of a medical condition affecting your liver.
  • Stretch marks – The occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy is very common. Stretch marks occur due to the fact that as the baby grows, the dermal part of the skin is forced to expand as the outer skin stretches. As the dermis loses its elasticity, it gives way, leading to formation of patches on the skin, mostly on areas with fat deposits including your breasts, buttocks, upper arms, on your belly and other areas. Varied healthy creams are available for getting rid of stretch marks, including cocoa butter.
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The fact that you are pregnant and encounter any skin problem does not mean that you have to live with the same until you deliver. Your health care provider or dermatologist can prescribe or recommend a safe and appropriate skin care product to use without posing any risk to your unborn baby.

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