Tips for Travelling With Toddler

Travelling with a toddler is nightmarish for most of the mothers. It is something that you try to avoid the most. Going for a vacation is a good idea but to go with an infant is a little unmanageable for most of mommies. The situation can be a controlled one if we follow some useful tips while going abroad. You have to make prior preparations from food to clothing to first aids and toiletries. Carry all trivial things that your tiny tot might require. Make a list and ensure you pack them all before travelling.

Some Handy Tips while Travelling With Toddler

  1. Make a list of all things that you might need and check before setting off.
  2. Make a separate list clearly indicating where you have kept the things. This is an intelligent practice and is extremely useful if you are travelling single-handedly.
  3. Keep sufficient number of diapers and medicines.
  4. Always wear comfortable clothes so that you may manage everything comfortably rather than being uncomfortable yourself. Wear a tee with jeans and put on your shoes.
  5. Pack a separate bag for your baby. The bag should be having a number of pockets to help you keep things separately.
  6. Keep your luggage light, and do not over pack things.

Must Haves Things Before You Start The Journey

  1. Never underestimate baby diapers. Carry sufficient diapers to avoid being in a compromising situation.
  2. You should not forget to carry baby shorts or even pajamas, a couple of them.
  3.  Be thoughtful in carrying wet wipes, baby cream, talc, antiseptic rash cream and a mat for diaper change. Carrying a diaper disposal bag is also important as that will show what an intelligent and smart mommy you are!
  4. Carrying warm water in a hot container and your baby dry food is always a saving grace.
  5. If your baby loves jarred fruit stews, do not forget to carry them.
  6. Take at least 3-4 sterilized feeding bottles while travelling long.
  7. Never forget to carry safe distilled water separately for your baby. This is going to safe you looking here and there when your child is thirsty.
  8. Another important thing is to carry your baby’s blanket so that he is comfortable during the travel.
  9. How can you miss those colorful spoons and bowls that your child love to eat in. These things make him feel at home.
  10. Carry a separate box of medicines like analgesics, cough syrup, antidiarrhoeals, ORS satchel and nasal drops. You never know when you might need them.
  11. Do keep a pair of clothes for yourself, just in case you might need them
  12. In case going for a long trip, carry portable sterilizing equipment. You can sterlize feeding bottles, clothes with its help.
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An Important Tip

Dont forget to take your pediatrician contact number for dire emergences.

Take care of these small yet useful things and have an enjoyable and safe journey. Just keep in mind these useful tips and have a memorable trip with your toddler

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