Travelling While Pregnant – Things to Keep in Mind

Is pregnancy a disease that can prevent you from travelling? Or is it just a condition in which you cannot travel at all? Several concerns have been raised as to whether it is safe to travel while pregnant. While some women (and other men too) have put forward the argument that it is perfectly safe to travel during the first trimester, others advice against the same. Nothing can however be further from the truth; being pregnant does not prevent you from travelling. Just in the same that you gradually limit the kind of activities you get involved in as your baby grows so it is with travelling. While you can safely travel far during the first trimester, you can only cover a short distance in the third trimester.

Travelling while pregnant is perfectly safe so long as your health care provider has not established any complications. It is however important to point out that while pregnancy cannot stop you from travelling, accompanying symptoms can indeed prevent you. Such symptoms as fatigue and morning sickness can easily put you off from travelling anywhere. Although you may travel, it is important to keep certain things in mind.

Travelling overland is perhaps the most likely you can undertake. Whether you travel by car, bus or train, you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Buckle up when travelling in a car. The airbags need to be turned on. Buses present a lot of challenges. To cope with the same, ensure that you remain seated so long as the bus is in motion. Make use of rails when necessary. Compared to buses, trains have ample room to walk. However, leg room is usually small. Like with buses, ensure that you remain seated when while the train is in motion. Regardless of whether you travel by car, bus or train, it is always good to get out at stops for stretching. More importantly, you should not continuously travel for over six hours.

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It may become necessary to travel by air during pregnancy. While it is perfectly safe to do so, you need to take certain precautions. Note that some airlines will only allow you to travel with permission of your health care provider if you are in eighth month of pregnancy. It is very necessary to choose an aisle seat that makes it easy to get up and stretch your legs. It is highly recommended that you travel with major airlines that have pressurized cabins. You need to avoid flying on small aircrafts. In case you seriously need to use a small aircraft, it is advisable not to fly at beyond 6,500 feet.

Although travelling by sea is perfectly safe, the motion of vessel can accentuate morning sickness. The same can also make you develop nausea feeling. It is highly advised to ascertain whether a cruise line has a healthcare provider on board who can help you in case of an emergency. You also need to arm yourself with appropriate and approved medications to help you overcome Seasickness.

The secret in travelling while pregnant lies in making yourself as comfortable as possible. Dress in comfortable clothing including shoes. Ensure you carry along a pillow and snacks. Travelling during the last trimester requires that you carry along copies of your prenatal records just in case the baby comes earlier than expected.

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