10 Different Kinds of Beef Cuts

Beef, the most popular and frequently used culinary item, is cut and sold as per the requirements of the buyer. 10 different kinds of beef cuts, used for cooking various delicious recipes, are given below:

Beef chuck

When a segment is cut out of the shoulder of the beef, it is called ‘Chuck’. A beef chuck has three parts that are collectively named as ‘neck’, ‘clod’, and ‘chuck and blade’ in the UK, while their Dutch name is ‘neck and chuck’. Ground beef, obtained from the beef chuck, is largely used for preparing delectable hamburgers, meat balls, and meat loafs.

Beef short loin

If a certain portion of the beef loin is cut out, then we call it ‘Short loin’. This cut can be of two types – the ‘T-bone’ or ‘porterhouse’ and the ‘strip steak’. When the short loin contains a T-shaped bone, then it becomes an in-bone cut and given the name T-bone or porterhouse. It can be used for various purposes such as grilling, sautéing or cooking in a broiler. On the other hand, strip steak is a boneless cut that is cooked more simply and swiftly and also adds lots of flavors to the preparation.

Beef sirloin

When the cut is not so gentle like the short loin, it becomes ‘Sirloin’. It generally consists of two parts – ‘top sirloin’ and ‘bottom sirloin’. Santa Maria steaks, top sirloin cap steaks, tri tip roast, sirloin steaks etc. can be made with sirloin.

Beef tenderloin

The mildest as well richest cut is ‘Tenderloin’ which is basically a small portion of the beef loin. Being the most tender and pricey cut, beef tenderloin is used for preparing certain splendid recipes including beef wellington, tenderloin roast, steak, and filet mignon.

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Beef rib

Rib’ is the medial segment cut around the rib cage of a beef. The comparatively cheaper beef ribs are of three types – ‘fore rib’, ‘thin rib’ and ‘thick rib’. Beef rib meat does not need additional flavoring or seasoning as it is marbled, or contains intramuscular fat. Though this property makes ribs incompatible for making steaks effortlessly, preparations like rib eye steaks and rib steaks can be made with these.

Beef plate

When a section is cut from the right below of the rib of a beef, then it is called ‘Plate’. Various sophisticated dishes named beef fajitas, Philadelphia steaks, and skirt steaks are made with this extremely soft part.

Beef flank

The segment, situated just beside the beef plate, is cut as ‘Flank’. As it is easily manageable and not so tender, the first time steak makers love using it. Grinding and making flank steaks with beef flanks are good ideas.

Beef brisket

A petite cut exactly below the chuck containing hard meat with tough collagen fibers is popular as ‘Brisket’. In spite of being not so tender, this boneless beef brisket is highly flavored. You can buy it as whole or even as ‘point cut’, ‘flat cut’, ‘point half’, ‘flat half’, and ‘middle cut’. Slow cooked recipes are the best choices for beef briskets as they need to be softened.

Beef round

The end section of a beef is given the name ‘Round’. This lean meat is used for preparing different savory dishes such as round steak, sandwich steak, breakfast steak, round-tip roast, eye round roast, and rump roast.

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Beef shank

The toughest portion of the beef that is cut from the heifer or steer is known as ‘Shank’. Being very lean and tough, it suits deliberate cooking like soups, stews etc. It is rarely used and hence is considered to be the cheapest cut.

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