Recipe – Belgian Waffles Recipe

Belgian waffles’ are extensively popular all over the world. The crispy Belgian waffles topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce taste really awesome! Here is the classic Belgian Waffles Recipe for you:


All-purpose flour – 2(1/2) cups

Dry active yeast – 1 teaspoon

Milk – (2/3)rd cups

Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons

Warm water – (1/2) cup

Eggs – 2 pieces

Salt – (1/3)rd teaspoon

Vanilla extract – (1/3)rd teaspoons

Cooking spray

Heavy cream – 1(1/2) cups

Confectioner’s sugar – 2(1/2) tablespoons

Bittersweet chocolate (chopped) – 12 ounces



The quantity of the ingredients mentioned in this crunchy and chocolaty Belgian waffles recipe is enough to serve around 4 people. You need 25 to 30 minutes for cooking excluding the preparation time of 15 to 20 minutes. Follow the steps described below one by one and it might become the most enjoyable dish you have ever made. At first, take a small mixing bowl and pour the warm water into it. Add the dry active yeast to that water and let it dissolve. Keep the bowl aside for at least 5 to 10 minutes so that the dissolved yeast becomes frothy enough.

Now, pour the all-purpose flour into another large mixing bowl. Also, add the foamy and frothy yeast, vegetable oil, (1/4)th portion of the milk taken, salt, and vanilla extract to the flour. Blend all of them thoroughly to get an even mixture. Once done, beat the eggs lightly and pour over the entire mixture. The rest of the milk should also be poured into it at this time. However, you must keep in mind that the batter needs to be so nicely prepared that it can be dripped effortlessly from the spoon when tilted. It should neither be too runny nor too thick.

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Now, here comes the importance of the waffle iron. For making the tastiest waffles, the waffle iron must be heated uniformly. Put each side of it over medium high flame for at least 5 minutes so that both the sides get evenly heated. Then, open the iron up and spray the cooking spray on it before spreading the flour mixture all over it. The spray will help the batter cover the entire surface of the waffle iron consistently. Once it will get filled with the batter, put the lid and lock the handles right away. Never forget to flip the iron slowly at this stage as the batter will overflow from the sides otherwise. Now, put this other side over the flame. Thus, cook the waffles so that both the sides turn brown and they become crispy as well.

Meanwhile, you need to get ready for the preparation of the hot chocolate fudge sauce. Pour the heavy cream into a sauce pan and place it over high flame. Let it boil and become a little bit thin or liquid. Then, take the sauce pan out of the heat and add the chopped bittersweet chocolate pieces to it. Remember that all the pieces of the chocolate should get broken and mixed with the cream well. Now, put the confectioner’s sugar in the entire content of the sauce pan and stir continuously until the sauce becomes smooth enough.

Finally, take the crispy and brown waffles out of the iron one by one and serve them on a serving dish. Also, trickle the hot chocolate fudge sauce over it. Your crispy and chocolaty Belgian waffles are absolutely ready.

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