Recipe – Hot & Spicy Chili Con Carne

Craving for some delicious food? Feeling crazy to taste something unique? What about ‘Chili con carne’? Well, this easy to make stew dish is exceptionally spicy and enough to stimulate your taste-buds. In Chicago, the original chili con carne recipe has become very popular while people in other parts of the world have modified it according to their taste. The Spanish name ‘chili con carne’ actually means ‘chili pepper with meat’ as the two major ingredients used in this hot and spicy stew are meat and chili. Let us have a look at the ingredients and the method of preparation of chili con carne:


Minced beef – 500 gm

Boiled sweet corns – 3 cups

Chopped tomatoes – 350 gm

Tomato puree – 2(1/2) tablespoons

Beef stock cube – 1 piece

Cornstarch – 2 teaspoons (optional)

Dried marjoram – (3/4)th teaspoon

Sugar – 1 teaspoon

Dark chocolate – 1 small cube (optional)

Kidney beans – 350 gm

Chopped onion – 1 large

Diced pineapple – (1/2) cup

Garlic – 2-3 cloves

Dried red peppers – 2

Coriander – 1 teaspoon

Black pepper – (1/3)rd teaspoon

Salt – 3 teaspoons

Chili powder – 1 teaspoon

Water – 4-5 cups

Ground cumin – 1(1/2) teaspoons

Oil – 3-4 tablespoons


The chili con carne recipe involves some quick and simple steps. Being an easy-to-cook dish, it is very popular among people of all ages. Here is a step-by-step guide for the preparation of chili con carne:

At first, take a cooking pan and pour some oil in it. Leave it for about 1-2 minutes. When the oil becomes hot enough put the minced beef into that for frying. Stir the whole thing constantly. Once the color of the beef turns brown from pink, stop frying further and put out the flame.

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As you have already finished frying the beef, fry all the vegetables now. Put some oil in another frying pan and let the oil get hot. Add all the vegetables such as chopped onion, diced pineapple, boiled sweet corns, garlic, coriander, dried red peppers and ground cumin to the hot oil. Also, add salt according to the taste. Cook for around 5-6 minutes and stir well until the entire thing gets fried.

Now, you need to mix both the fried beef as well as the vegetables. Hence, take a sauce pan, pour water into it and place it over heat. Add the beef stock cube to the water. After 2-3 minutes, put the previously fried beef into the pan and leave it just for 1 minute. Add the already cooked vegetables, chopped tomatoes, dried marjoram, black pepper, chili powder tomato puree and sugar to the stuff being cooked in the sauce pan. Dark chocolate can also be used instead of sugar.

At this stage, you are almost done with your chili con carne. Let it simmer for 5 minutes and slowly bring to boil. If you like your stew to be thicker, try adding cornstarch to it. Now, cover the lid of the pan and leave it to get boiled properly. However, you should open the lid occasionally and stir the item so that it does not catch at the bottom of the pan. After about half-an hour, place the kidney beans into the stew and let it boil finally for 10 minutes without covering the pan.

Once boiled completely, bring it out of the flame and give a standing time of 10 minutes. You are all ready to make the most of this simple and unique chili con carne recipe and give your taste-buds a thrill. Serve your stew with steamed rice and experience the difference!

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