Recipe – Salty And Spicy Lomo Saltado

The salty and spicy Peruvian dish ‘Lomo saltado’ has its roots in China. Instead of the flavors of these two cultures, you can also add other flavors and ingredients to it according to your taste. Here is the recipe:


Beef tenderloin – 1(1/2) pound

Ripe tomato – 1 piece (medium-sized)

Ajís amarillos – 2 to 3

Red peppers – 2 pieces (medium-sized)

Red onions – 2 large pieces

Vegetable oil – 1 cup

Garlic – 2 to 3 cloves

Soy sauce – 4 tablespoons

Ginger paste – (1/2) teaspoon

Vinegar – 3 tablespoons

Scallop sauce – 1(1/2) tablespoons

Fresh shallots (chopped) – (1/3)rd cup

Fresh cilantro (chopped) – (1/3)rd cup

Salt (according to taste)

Pepper (freshly ground) – Just a pinch

Beef stock – (1/2) cup

Cooked rice

French fries – (1/2) pound


This authentic lomo saltado needs altogether 20 – 30 minutes to get cooked perfectly including 15 – 20 minutes of preparation time and 5 – 10 minutes of cooking time only. Around 4 to 6 guests can be served well with the amount of ingredients mentioned here. Like all other preparations, this wonderful dish also starts with the cutting of all the vegetables and the beef flawlessly.

Let us start off with the beef. Take the beef tenderloin, place it on the chopping board and then cut it from the back to the front gradually with a sharp knife. Then, clean and wash the red onions properly and slice them into half. Keep in mind that the slices of the onions should be as thick as the beef tenderloin pieces are. Now, slice the ají amarillos in such a way that the pieces become slightly thinner than the pieces of the beef. Also, slice the red peppers in the same way. However, ají amarillos cannot be available in some areas. If you are unable to find it in your nearest store, just use any other type of pepper as a substitute. Then, clean the ripe tomatoes and cut them into thin pieces so that the pulp gets discarded. Also, peel off the cloves of garlic and chop them. Finally, chop up the fresh shallots as well as the cilantro.

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Once done with the cutting and arrangement of the vegetables, start the cooking. At first, fry all the French fries for 1-2 minutes and keep them aside. After that, place a large frying pan over high flame and let it heat up for a couple of minutes. Now, put the vegetable oil into it and place the pieces of beef tenderloin in the pan when the oil becomes enough hot. Sauté at least for 30 seconds and when the color of the beef turns light golden brown, keep them aside. Now, add the diced red onions and ripe tomatoes to the oil in the pan and stir fry for a few seconds. Also, add chopped garlic and the ginger paste to it and stir continuously.

After a few minutes, put the fried beef tenderloin pieces into the content of the frying pan again. Also, add the pieces of ají amarillos, red peppers etc. to it and fry for some more seconds. Now, put the soy sauce, vinegar and the scallop sauce into the entire mixture one by one. And then, add the freshly chopped cilantro, shallots, salt, a pinch of freshly ground pepper and the beef stock to the content of the pan and sauté them for 10 seconds.

Your lomo saltado is almost finished now. Just lower the flame of the oven and put the slightly fried French fries over the whole thing evenly. Combine them and cook for a few seconds and finally relish it with hot steamed rice.

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