Recipe – Delicious Roasted Red Pepper Soup

It is fall again! Are you feeling the extreme urge to enjoy hot soup when it is chilly outside? Well, here is the hot and piquant ‘Roasted red pepper soup’ exclusively for you. This simple but unique soup is enough to stimulate your taste buds at once and you will definitely feel recharged and revitalized on a cold winter day.

And most importantly, you do not need to search for the ingredients of the recipe so much as all the items used in this soup is absolutely simple and easily available. So, here it is:


Bell peppers – 6 (large-sized)

Chicken stock – 2 cubes

Carrots – 4 (medium-sized)

Celery sticks – 4 (medium-sized)

Potatoes – 2 (medium-sized)

Onions – 2 (medium-sized)

Fresh garlic – 4 big cloves

Tomatoes – 1 can (approximately 400 grams)

Basil leaves – a big handful

Salt (according to taste)

Pepper (according to taste)

Olive oil – a little (for marination)

Water – 1.7 litres



Here comes the step-by-step guide to the delicious recipe ‘Roasted Red Pepper Soup’. The preparation of this exclusive soup is quite easy and simple. At first, take all the 6 large-sized bell peppers and cut them up. Be careful and take the stalk part as well as the seeds off gently. Pour the olive oil in the peppers and cover them completely. Now, put them in microwave and bake at least for 20 minutes at 180°C. After finished baking, take them out and let them cool down. Then, peel off the skins of the roasted peppers slowly and also slice them up finely. Once done, keep them aside.

The next part of the recipe includes the boiling of the vegetables. Clean and wash all the vegetables such as carrots, celery sticks, potatoes, onions, garlic and tomatoes one by one. Remove the skins of the carrots, celery sticks, potatoes, onions and the tomatoes slowly and also dice them up. Mince the cloves of the fresh garlic very finely and chop the basil leaves too. Now, take a large saucepan and pour the water into it. Put all the sliced vegetables i.e. carrots, celery sticks, potatoes, onions and the finely chopped garlic in the saucepan. Add the 2 cubes of chicken stock into the contents of the pan. You can also use home-made chicken stock or chicken stock powder if you do not want to buy chicken stock cubes from the market. Also, add salt to it according to taste. Blend them well so that each of the ingredients gets mixed with one another. Let the whole thing boil for a few minutes. When boiled, simmer for about 30 seconds.

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After that, put the chopped tomatoes as well as the peppers in the saucepan and let the entire mixture simmer again. After 10 to 15 minutes, add the roasted peppers as well as the chopped basil leaves to that and take the pan out of the flame. Your roasted red pepper soup is almost ready now. It would be best if you can blend the mixture up in a food processor to make it thick and tasty. Top with fresh, whipped cream and serve your delicious hot soup!

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