Recipe – Tangy Turkey Chili

Turkey chili is a hot and delicious dish containing lots of nutritional values. To prepare this easy and tasty foodstuff, follow the recipe here:


Skinless ground turkey – (1/2) pound

Red kidney beans or pinto beans – 1 ounce

Black beans – 1 ounce

Yellow onions (thinly chopped) – 2 to 3 pieces

Red bell pepper (finely shredded) – (1/2) cup

Yellow bell pepper (finely shredded) – (1/2) cup

Red tomatoes (diced with pulp) – 2 small

Chili powder – (1/2) teaspoon

Jalapeno pepper (seeded and delicately shredded) – 1 piece

Chicken broth – (1/2) can

Garlic (de-skinned and thinly shredded) – 2 medium sized cloves

Ground cumin – (1/4)th teaspoon

Dried Mexican oregano – (1/2) teaspoon

Crushed red pepper – 1 pinch

Black pepper (freshly ground) – (1/4)th teaspoon

Tomato paste – (1/2) can

Cilantro leaves (freshly chopped) – 2 tablespoons

Cilantro stems (finely chopped) – 2 tablespoons

Frozen corn kernels – (1/2) cup

Unsweetened cocoa powder – (1/2) teaspoon

Salt – (1/2) teaspoon

Sugar – 1 pinch

Olive oil – 2 tablespoons


Cooking hot and spicy turkey chili is not a big deal at all. At first, pour the olive oil into a skillet and place it over medium flame. Let the oil get heated well. Once done, put the thinly chopped yellow onions in that hot oil. Sauté them for at least 2 to 3 minutes so that they become translucent and tender enough. Now, add the finely shredded red bell peppers as well as yellow bell peppers to the semi-transparent onions and stir fry all of them. After around 3 to 4 minutes, take the skillet out of the oven and transfer all the fried vegetables to a larger pan.

Put the de-skinned and thinly shredded garlic, seeded and delicately shredded jalapeno pepper and crushed red pepper to the onions and other fried vegetables in the pan. Cook for only 1 to 2 minutes. Now, add the skinless ground turkey to the content of the pan and break the bigger pieces smoothly with a wooden spatula. Also, add the finely chopped cilantro stems to it, mix well using the spatula, and cook for a while. After that, put the chili powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, freshly ground black pepper, ground cumin, dried Mexican oregano, salt, and sugar in the content of the pan one by one and keep stirring with the spatula for at least 5 to 6 minutes.

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Next, wash and clean the red kidney beans or pinto beans, frozen corn kernels, and black beans properly under running water. Add these to the half-cooked turkey and stir fry for 3 to 4 minutes. Also, add the tomato paste as well as the diced red tomatoes with pulp to it and blend all of them nicely to give a beautiful, spicy flavor to the preparation. Now, pour only half of the chicken broth into the pan gently, let it boil at least for 15 minutes, and then add the rest of the broth too. Leave the pan for 25 minutes for simmering on low heat. Once finished, take the pan out of the flame. Serve the tangy turkey chili in a serving platter by decorating it with freshly chopped cilantro leaves.

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