Recipe – Tasty And Nutritious Beef Noodle Soup

Looking for some healthy recipe? What about the tasty and nutritious ‘beef noodle soup’? Take a look at this delicious recipe of noodles containing boiled beef as well as different spices and fresh vegetables.


Beef rib – 1kg 200 grams

Frozen Chinese wheat noodles – 12 ounces

Mung bean sprouts – 2 cups

Ginger rhizomes – 2 (1-inch sized)

Garlic – 4 to 5 cloves

Light brown sugar (packed) – (1/2) cup

Star anise – 4 whole

Fresh scallion – 2 bunches

Fresh cilantro stems – 5 pieces

Fresh cilantro sprigs – 1(1/2) cups

Dried Asian tangerine peel – 2 pieces

Chinese pickled mustard greens – 4 tablespoons

Red chili – 1 piece

Medium dry sherry or Chinese rice wine – 1(1/2) cups

Soy sauce – 1(1/2) cups

Dried red pepper flakes – (2/3)rd teaspoon

Sodium-chicken broth – 2 cups

Water – 6 cups


The method for preparation of delicious beef noodle soup is a little bit complicated and time-consuming. However, here is a step-by-step guide for you. At first, take bunches of fresh scallion and take the white and green parts apart. Chop up the green segments finely with a sharp knife as well as crush the white portions with the back of it. Now, clean and wash the ginger rhizomes and the garlic cloves properly, peel them off and smash for future use. Also, chop the red chili thinly. Then, pour 6 cups of water into a large pan and put that over high flame. When the water gets boiled, put the crushed white segments of the scallion bunches, smashed garlic gloves and ginger rhizomes, light brown sugar, whole star anise, soy sauce, Chinese rice wine or medium dry sherry, dried red pepper flakes, fresh cilantro stems and dried Asian tangerine peel in that water. Just cover the pan with the lid and start boiling the entire content.

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After 2 to 3 minutes lower the flame, remove the lid of the pan and simmer at least for 10 to 12 minutes. Now, it is the turn of the beef ribs. Add the shortly cut beef ribs to the content being cooked in the pan and again put back the lid for simmering. Do not forget to turn the beef occasionally to prevent them from falling apart. After 2(1/2) to 3 hours the beef ribs will turn soft. Just take the pan out of the flame, remove the lid and give it a standing time of 1 hour.

Now, set the beef ribs apart from the rest of the stuff and lay them over a chopping board. Slowly remove the bones and crusts and also thinly slice the beef across the grain. Strain through a sieve to separate the beef broth from the rest of the soup and place the broth in another sauce pan. Then, add the sodium-chicken broth and the beef to the pan and put it over medium flame.

After 5 minutes, take out the previous pan containing beef and place another sauce pan filled half with water over it. Let the water boil properly and then add the frozen Chinese wheat noodles to that. Stir for 5 minutes and drain the water. Now, place the cooked noodles on serving dishes, spread the broth evenly over them, and add the slices of beef, chopped green segments of fresh scallion, Chinese pickled mustard greens, finely chopped red chili, mung bean sprouts and fresh cilantro sprigs over it. Your hot and spicy beef noodle soup is ready!

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