Dior Skinflash Primer – Radiance Boosting Makeup Primer


Sheer Glow

What they claim
Inspired by backstage makeup techniques, Skinflash Primer is an anti-fatigue remedy for a complexion that glows with beauty and light. In one stroke of a brush, skin is smoothed and signs of fatigue and a dull complexion are swept away. Created with the latest discoveries in optics, Photo-smart Pigments™ boast photochromic properties that attract the light and optimally diffuse it over the complexion. These pigments are able to adapt to all types of lighting and blend seamlessly into any skintone with one universal illuminating shade. The formula's energizing and conditioning texture instantly restores freshness and vitality to a tired complexion. 
Your skin will be left with a flawless surface—full of vitality and perfectly prepped for the application of foundation.
What I Observed
As it is from Dior's backstage line, it is a nice primer giving a subtle glow to the skin. It is free from silicones and blends into your skin tone and revives your skin. It made my skin look more radiant with less visible pores, may be due to the light attracting Photo-smart pigments. My Skin appeared smooth after makeup and the result lasted the whole day. It's appearance is of sheer light peachy pink color.
Positive Points
  • It will make you look awake, radiant, pores less visible.
  • It has a built in brush to make the application easy.
  • You could even want to skip the makeup after applying it.
  • It can be put under eyeshadow as an eye primer too.
  • It is light weight and readily gets absorbed in the skin.
  • It Smells Nice.
Negative Points
  • It made my skin a little greased up later in the day.
  • It is a little expensive.
How To Use It
Twist the base, put a little on the back of your hand. Use the brush to apply to the center of your face and then tap it in with your fingers.
The price is $41.

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