M.A.C Plush Lash Mascara

A mascara is a must for every women if she wants a appealing look. I have heard of all the statements and magic techniques that many of the brands claim of doing but some products have always come up that far to be considered as magic for me. M.A.C has always been in top few of my list.

Recently i bought a new Mac Plush Lash Mascara from M.A.C Store. It was packed neatly in a black carton box. I was excited to open the sealed box and try it on. It had a patented applicator brush which is an added advantage as i am always after M.A.C makeup brushes. The brush has long thick bristles on one side and thin ones on another side which is helpful in coating the mascara on longer as well as shorter lashes.

Now, its been two weeks that i am using this product regularly and i am still crazy about it. The good thing is that it lasts the whole day and i dont have to check it on mirror for its clumping or smudging. It gives a nice volume to my lashes and makes them look thick. Moeover it curls them beautifully. The brush applies the coat thickly and evenly on my lashes. The coat is soo smooth and gives a long, luscious look.
I have been using it daily and can notice no smudging around. There have been no clumps of mascara either, its been smooth and thick. As they are claiming to be having a rich and hydrated formula, i think they are true, i havent been noticing any issues of lack of lustre or shine on my lashes after i remove the mascara. My lashes have been healthy and shiny.

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Its affordable at around US14$ for 9g/0.31 US oz and Pounds 13.50 for 8g/0.28 US oz
I am happy to have bought this product and looking forward to use it until some other more luxurious product comes up.

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