6 Signs To Know If He Is Going To Propose!

Being in a relationship with a man you have come to like and love brings with it many expectations, most of which border on the destination of your relationship. Some of the questions you keep asking yourself include where the relationship is heading to and if it will end, when and how it will end. As a woman, you look forward to engagement and wonder when and where he will put forward an engagement proposal.

You need to know that for him to propose to you, he will have captured his imagination and convinced him that you are truly the right person he will be happy to be engaged with, eventually marry and spend the rest of his life with. It is highly likely that you will never know when and where he will be proposing. He will hide this not only from you but also from his friends and family members with fear that you may come to get wind of his plans and dilute his proposal plans. However much he may hide his engagement or marriage proposal plans from you, you can pick out the signs that he is going to propose. What you will not know is when and where.

What are the signs that he is going to propose?

The following tips should let you know if he is going to propose:

  • Behavior – You have dated for some time and you can certainly describe his usual behavior. You know him well. Any change in his behavior towards you should let you know whether he is going to propose to you or not. Is the frequency of dating increasing or decreasing? If his requests for outings suddenly become frequents should be enough to indicate to you that something is cooking. He may want to have more time with you just to be very sure of the kind of person he is about to propose to.
  • Parental treatment – Have you met his parents? You can tell if he will propose to you by simply looking at how his parents treat you. While you are likely to be treated as their son’s mutual friend during your visits, you will start seeing some kind of different treatment after, an indication that he may have discussed you with his parents. His parents will likely be more inquisitive about you and your background, wanting to know the kind of person their son is about to be engaged with.
  • Literature – You certainly know what he likes reading. Any change of reading material should let you know whether he is going to propose or not. If there is a change in his reading material, what has he switched to reading instead? If you notice reading materials touching on proposal idea and ways to propose should let you know he is preparing to propose to you.
  • Change in friends – You man definitely has friends with whom you are familiar with. You know who to ask when he is not with you. Take note of change in his friends. In order to get the best proposal idea, he is likely to befriend and talk to a married couple he looks at as his role model. Failing to take notice of this will leave you wondering what your man is discussing with a couple. You should not be worried about such new friends, he is likely to receive the best engagement, marriage propose ideas.
  • Dating venues – Where do you usually go to for your dates? It is highly that you have come to know his venue taste, dating locations he is fond of taking you. Any change in dating venues should be a clear indication of his intention. He may just be on the look out for the best places to propose from where to propose to you. Where did you meet? If you met in a restaurant, hotel or beach, he is likely to take you back to such a place when his propose day arrives.
  • Your ring size – While this will definitely indicate to you that he is about to propose to you, you may never know when he will determine your ring size. However, certain actions and events should alert you of the forthcoming proposal. He may determine your ring size while playing with your hands and fingers (as usual) or through one of his sisters or close relatives you are used to. She will come as usual and while you both share in your stories and activities estimate your ring size.
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Take note that like with every man, your man will have thought, prepared and invested his time in planning the best proposal. After noticing the little details that point towards propose a girl, be sure to create time whenever he asks you out for a date. To be sure of what is coming up, it will serve you good to be inquisitive. This is the only way on how to get him indicate to you what he is planning. While he may actually admit that he will propose to you, he will never tell you when or where he will do so. Will he propose to you? Do not pay too much attention to that until he actually does so.

Getting married is every girls dream and you your expectations of getting married becomes high after your engagement. However, how do you know when he will propose for marriage? Simple, the moment you realize that he is reading wedding planner materials is one of the clear signs that he is going to propose for marriage. Rest assured that indeed he is preparing to issue a wedding proposal.

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    so like my boyfriend and I have discussed getting married, everyone else knows when this is going to happen but me obviously.. so like our anniversary isn’t until june, back in October at his best friends wedding a women who was part of the party said to dress warm that’s all she was going to tell me and that it was not this year(2014) then the bride kept hinting saying hopefully you guys are next and said its within the next 8 months?? but my boyfriend keeps saying oh its not for awhile we got a lot of time and what not, we are getting our own house in april, and he hasn’t really shown a lot of changes saving money he has but we are also getting a house? so like can u help me pin point when he may want to actually propose?

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