5 Proven Tips to Sucessfuly Date a Man

Picture this scenario: You are the three of you perhaps sitting somewhere just having a good time while exchanging dating experiences. You do not have any dating experience to share, because you have never been dated before. What a feeling you have. You wish you had a man to date you. Are they not there? If they are there, why doesn’t any one of them date you? Perhaps it is time that you acted appropriately to get dates and in case none is forthcoming, give a date. Is it unusual for you to give a date? Perhaps you consider it odd. Well, it may be odd but why not be the first one? What do you do when all your friends are always talking about their dates and date experiences? Do you simply sit there and wait for a not-sure-will come-date?

Pick up yourself and take steps towards having dating experiences that you too can share with your friends:

1. Package yourself

You do not need to set out in search of a man to date. Take your time to package yourself. Ascertain what your unique features are and work on them. Ascertain your body type and find out ways of enhancing those sexy curves. Consider following a suitable diet, regular exercises to tone your muscles and work on your skin, including your legs and feet. If you have skin blemishes, consider buying and applying appropriate skin concealers. Invest in the right size undergarments including bra and panties; they are the foundation for the outer outfit. Invest in nice dresses that bring out your unique body features. Do not forget to wear appropriate hairstyle. No man approaching to ask for a date? Read on.

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2. Take the initiative

So there is this man in your mind. You always wish he asks you out for a date but none is forthcoming. You have given him the right signals but he either is a pimp or not interested in you. Well, he can certainly be interested. Wait for that perfect opportunity, when he is a lone and not occupied. Approach and offer your greetings. Next? Be frank. Ask him out for a date. Mmmm…… no man will turn you down. A date is a date, like any other (but not to you of course, you are up to something known to yourself). Knowing what you want, gaining the necessary courage should not be a problem.

3. Dressing

So he agreed to go out on a date with you and the day has arrived? Plan for your dressing carefully. Do you have sexy legs? Then forget about wearing jeans. Choose a colorful dress instead. Perhaps it should be V-shaped at the neck, leaving part of your chest visible, and your bra just showing a little. For the shoes, wear flat or high-heeled shoes, depending on where you are going for your date.

4. The date

You have a wonderful time and your instincts tell you that yes, he is in the box. What next? Be careful. While both of you have come to appreciate one another, you both have different things in your mind. To you as a woman, your aim is always to find true love. Not for a man (most). He will find you attractive and accept you yes. The first thing in his mind? To be intimate with you. Fall into that trap and you will have spoiled everything. He will literally run away from you! Why? He will have ‘seen’ and ‘discovered’ you, what else will be there to discover? Even if the request for intimacy comes long after your first date, resist politely, but not by lying and giving vague reasons. You know what, your continued resistance will draw him much closer to you and you will both have a chance to build on what you established on the first date.

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5. Later dates

Roles will change. You will no longer ask him out for another date. He will grow fond of asking you out for the same. Do not disappoint, especially if you are convinced that he is a potential marriage partner. You never know, the will ‘you ……… me’ question may just come up during such dates. If he is the right one for you, then you will be in affirmative.

When does dating end for you? Does it end after being engaged or after getting married? Dating should never end, dating should continue so long as you are man and wife, ask those famous married celebrities who have managed to keep their marriage relationships despite the highly tempting waters that celebrity life is.

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