Is Online Dating Safe?

Online dating has been with us for some time now and the question of safety keeps coming up. This is because of the myriad dangers and problems that continue to be witnessed despite the availability of adequate information available. Whether or not online dating is safe turns out to be a question on your intensions and own actions. While it can be safe for you, it can be unsafe and actually dangerous to another. So long as you take necessary safety measures, online dating is not only safe but also fun, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Dangers of Online Dating

Online dating has three main dangers that you need to remain alive to so that you take necessary measures to guard against the same:


By dating online, you expose yourself to overseas scammers. These are mostly married men on the look out for women they can have an affair. Most of these men are always on the look out for financially stable women who they eventually con money and other valuables. Such men can really stalk you once you establish a communication.


By dating online, you expose yourself to unfaithful married men who are not out for anything but sexual relationship. Such men will do anything possible to meet you as soon as possible with only one intention, have sex with you.

Real Life Stalkers

These are the worst people you can meet on the Internet. They not necessarily need not be registered users of any online dating site. These are tech-savvy individuals who go through dating sites and steal your identity including contact details. While they spam your email box, they can stalk you in real life, making your life unbearable.

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How to Protect Yourself Online?

Love matters are delicate and you would not wish to end up with a broken heart (if not material losses). While reputable dating sites strive to offer some protection to their registered users including useful online dating advice, you personally need to take own safety measures. Some of the measures you can take include:

Dating site

Thousands of dating sites are available online, all providing varied degrees of dating services. It is very important to register with a dating site that to your feeling provides some level of security for your personal information. Look for a dating site that does not only have a privacy policy but has a profile verification feature as well. All members in such a site will have been verified. You can bet that fraudsters will not be ready to go through a verification process.

Your profile

While you need to create an intriguing personal profile, take care of your personal information you can give out. Resist the temptation to include your workplace, phone number, last name and address information. It will be better to use a nickname.


It is through chatting that you can give yourself away. While it is appropriate to visit a site’s chat room, take your time before you reply to any question or suggestion. Be on the look out for elusive men you have chatted with in the past; they could turn out to be untruthful.


While you may have the urge to meet your virtual partner, you need to plan the meeting to be in your favor. To ensure your safety, let him come over to your country or city. Let two of your friends accompany you to the meeting (they should be on the sideline) and the meeting should be in a public place during the day. Do not reveal all your information though. If you feel interested in the man before you, obtain useful phone numbers from him, such will be useful for background search and information.

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Online dating is both dangerous and safe; it all depends on how you go about it. You need to exercise caution and common sense in anything you do online. In case of meetings, have at least three meetings in your country or city (not your residence) before you can go over to his. Most importantly, always trust your instincts.

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