Getting Engaged – How it will change your life?

Of course everything changes! You date a person for some time, a time during which you both study and try to understand each other. Although you do so purely as genuine friends always ready to assist one another and share in each other’s happiness and unhappy moments, you naturally harbor a feeling deep inside you of the need to ascertain if he can make a suitable partner. While you struggle with this hidden feeling or thought, he also does the same. As you continue to date, you start to notice deep interest in you, with dates becoming frequent. Then out of nowhere and when you least expect it he poses the question, ‘will you……….? The deep feeling you have harbored for several months or years suddenly comes out in the ‘open’ and before you know it, you find yourself answering ‘yes………..’.

Everything changes at that point. Some of the changes that are bound to occur include the following:

  • Personality changes – Both of you will experience personality changes. Your minds will shift from looking at yourselves as ordinary girl or man. You will start showing a mature personality (perhaps a natural indication of marriage responsibilities that lye ahead). He will certainly insert that cherished engagement ring onto your left middle finger, reserving one for himself. Respect for each other certainly grows. Without knowing it, you find yourself submitting to him, naturally placing him above yourself (and other men too). In turn, he naturally starts to behave as ‘the man’, planning and making major decisions that relate to your relationship. You both have to struggle with how to change your relationship from mere dating friends to that of fiancé and fiancée. In fact, how you call each other changes; you both forget your names and take up fiancé and fiancée as names!
  • Dressing – Your way of dressing certainly changes and anyone keen will notice. You start abandoning those general clothing you consider girlish, instead opting for those that enhance your feminity. Never seen him in a suit? Well, do not be surprised if he wears one in your next outing. Just like you, he will begin to discard those boyish clothing.
  • Friends – Your friends are bound to feel the impact of your getting engaged. You both start selecting and choosing friends who you can confide in. You are likely to drop some friends while maintaining and establishing others. It is likely that those you retain are the ones that you are likely to send engagement invitations to attend your engagement party.
  • Information – The kind of information you are likely to try obtaining out after being engaged will mostly be on various engagement ideas and how to married. You will be seeking out such information in order to know how well to conduct your engagement and how to prepare for your wedding.
  • Activities – Your recreation activities are bound to change seriously. You are bound to find yourself abandoning some of your recreation activities as you try to fit into his. On the other side, he will also be trying to do the same. You will finally find both of you participating in the same activities, always together. This definitely gives both of you a good opportunity to continue discussing on your intended engagement party.
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Your parents definitely play an important role in your engagement relationship. Depending on your culture, both your and his parents have to consent to your relationship. They will definitely play the leading role during your engagement party when you are obligated to formally announce your engagement to everyone. You are bound to receive varied engagement gifts from your parents, family members and friends.

The period after your engagement party can be stressful and you may do with some emotional support from your parents and marriage professionals. You will certainly find yourself asking how you decided to get engaged. You will find yourself thinking that may be you are not meant to be together after all. The realization that you are bound to stick with him when you finally marry him makes you feel tempted to cheat on him for the last time. As varied before you get married questions fill your mind, it is only appropriate that you get professional help before you get married. It is by seeking help that you will be able to handle change after getting married, including money problems that may come up.

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