15 Weird Marriage Customs from Around the World

marraige customs

Marriage is universal and it is celebrated worldwide. However, the customs associated with marriage differ from each other as day and night. While some customs are understandable, others border on craziness. Indeed, some of the marriage customs from around the world are simply weird.

Knowing about some of these customs is good especially if you are unmarried and dating a partner from a different culture. Here are 15 weird marriage customs that will make you wonder if they really happen.

1. Cross-Dressing

Are you dating a Russian? It is good to know what may be in store for you. A community in Russia is known to practice one of the oldest customs that Russians came to be known for.

As part of the wedding plan, the groom’s family pays a visit to the bride’s family. There is really nothing weird in that. The visit involves payment of dowry after which the groom is entitled to the bride. However, a cross-dressing is most likely to take place if the bride’s family feels that the dowry is not sufficient. The cross-dressing involves the groom being presented with a different bride instead of his chosen one. The bride will only have his way once his family pays more otherwise he has to walk away with the alternative bride!

2. Bride Blackening

The Scottish are like any other people. However, dating a Scottish should prepare you for one of the weirdest marriage customs in the world.

Marriage is a special day in a woman’s life. That is not in doubt. However, a community in Scotland practices the custom of adorning the bride with everything imaginable including dead rotten fish, mud, curdled milk and sauces among others. The bride is thereafter tied to a tree before taken to an outing of drinking spree. The bride is believed to be able to manage her marriage if she can contain all these!

3. Forced Honeymoon

Forget about the groom keeping his marriage honeymoon after wedding a secret. Dating an Indonesian should prepare you for something you cannot imagine doing.

As part of its after-marriage celebrations, marrying from an Indonesian community requires that you remain inside a prepared honeymoon tent for 72 hours. Both of you will not be allowed to empty your bowels. You will only be provided with a minimal amount of food and water. In the meantime, a special group of selected individuals will keep watch to ensure that you neither pee nor go for the long call!

4. Chick Killing

Go dating a Mongolian from China to get involved in a very unpleasant marriage custom.

This community’s marriage custom requires that both the bride and groom participate in the cutting of a baby chick to reveal the liver. Both the bride and groom participate in the slaying of the chick. A good appearance of the liver determines the wedding date. Both of you will need to kill more chicks until you find an appealing liver!

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5. Shoe Thieving

What about the groom’s shoes being stolen on the wedding day? This is what you need to know when dating a person from a community in India.

In line with the community’s marriage custom, the groom is required to remove his shoes before stepping on the altar. While the bride’s family is required to steal the shoes, the groom’s family is required to protect them. You will need to be prepared for the ensuing chaos. The groom is naturally required to pay a hefty ransom for the return of his shoes. This is a case the bride’s family succeeds in stealing the shoes!

6. Polterabend

Perhaps you are used to the arrangement where the newly married receive gifts during the wedding reception ceremony. Well, you need to forget such a thing if you are dating a German.

Some communities in Germany still practice an old marriage custom. Both the groom and the bride receive gifts from their guests. However, the gifts are brought in pots and cookeries. Both the bride and groom are required to smash all the pots and cookeries as one way of scaring evil spirits away!

7. Bride Kidnapping

Some communities do not pay attention to the romantic routines common in the western world. Bride kidnapping is still very common is Romani communities around the world.

The groom does not need to go seducing a potential bride. He only needs to identify a beautiful girl he wants to marry. The groom traces the potential bride to know her movements. He then sets a specific date and time for the kidnapping. The potential bride officially becomes the groom’s wife if he manages to kidnap and keep the bride for 3 days!

8. The Blockade

What about blocking a groom from reaching and taking away his loved bride? Be careful when dating a person from a community in China.

In line with this community’s marriage custom, the groom will never find it easy taking his bride away from her family. The bride is bound to remain under the protection of her bridesmaids. On his coming, the groom is required to break through a huge barrier of humanity protecting the bride. The groom has to part with a lot of money and is forced to perform unthinkable tasks to prove his worth. It is only on the successful completion of all these that the groom is allowed to walk away with the bride!

9. Broom Jumping

What has a broom got to do with your wedding? Well, you need to be prepared to jump over a broom as part of your after-wedding celebrations. This is if you are dating a person from a community deep down in South America.

In line with the community’s marriage customs, both the bride and groom are required to jump over a broom immediately after their wedding. This signals a new life and milestone in the newlywed’s life!

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10. Whale Tooth for a Gift

It appears that grooms have it rough when marrying brides from some communities in the world.

Some communities in Fiji require that the groom presents a special gift to a bride’s family before he can be allowed to marry their daughter. One of the most preferred unusual gifts is the tooth of a whale! Just from where is a groom able to find that? Just how much does a tooth of a whale cost if there is a market?

11. Bride Fattening

Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. That is a universal statement. Well, it appears that different cultures view beauty differently. What about a fat girl as a bride?

A community in Mauritania still practices one of the oldest customs ever known. As part of the wedding ceremony, the bride is kept in isolation. She is fed under the careful watch and care of a special team of chosen women. The feeding is intended to make the bride fat so as to be appealing during the wedding!

12. Feet Beating

Marriage is never meant to be a painful experience but the Koreans view it differently.

Some communities in both North and South Korea require the groom to be seated on a special chair. This is before the wedding day. The groom lays out his feet to receive beatings with the use of either a cane or dead fish to make sure that he does not disappoint on the wedding night!

13. Pre-Planned Crying

Crying as part of a marriage ceremony is simply weird. For what reason should you cry before your wedding day?

The Tujia community in China requires that all brides cry for an hour every day a month to her wedding day. Her mother is not left out because she has to join her daughter in crying ten days to her wedding day. Five days to the wedding day sees the bride’s grandmother join the crying. Interestingly, this signals the bride’s happiness for getting married!

14. Spitting

Africans are not left out when it comes to weird marriage customs. The Maa (Maasai) community in Kenya requires that the bride’s father spits on her breasts and head. This signals his blessings for the marriage. The groom, who has all along been present, leaves the bride’s home with his bride without looking back!

15. Bride Shooting

The Yugur Community in China has a marriage custom that requires that the groom shoots the bride. This is after the marriage ceremony. Luckily, the shooting only involves the use of arrows without the arrowhead. Even so, it is a frightening experience!

It is always a good idea to know about your potential partner’s marriage customs. This helps you to prepare yourself psychologically to handle anything that may be weird to you.

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