5 Common Issues in Marriage & Ways to Save It

Regardless of the type, you definitely planned and organized before you finally decided to get married. You did not just marry any person (unless it was an arranged marriage), you married a person who you love and look forward to spending the rest of your life with while establishing your own family.

In an effort to have what you may call a perfect marriage, you go to great lengths to ensure that it works despite the odds. You satisfy each other’s basic emotional and physical needs willingly without any attached conditions. You literally put aside your own interests in favor of your spouse’s interests. As both of you reciprocate each other’s actions, you come to establish trust, which is very important in maintaining a strong marriage. As you continue to do this, you both expect that loving, caring for and sharing oneself with your spouse is met with acts of respect, understanding, appreciation and unconditional acceptance.

This perfect situation is however bound to change when other matters start to affect your marriage. While you may undertake all the above measures to ensure that you maintain your marriage, your spouse may not value what you do. No positive actions and gestures may be appreciated, with devastating effects. You are bound to be frustrated, feel rejected and neglected. This state easily leads to loss of trust and intimacy. If your have reached such a point, the worst thing that you can do is to start looking for ways of moving out of the marriage. You need to take your time and should try to find out what the cause of your marriage problems may be.  You will realize that most of marriage problem(s) is/are minor issues that you can resolve with discussion and while trying to understand each other’s prospective.

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Common Issues in Marriage

Some of the common marriage problems that you may have to deal with and solve include:

1. Money

Money is one of the major causes of marriage problems. In most cases however, money is usually a cover up for some deep problem (s) such as supremacy in the house. You should strive to solve any money problem you may have in good time because if left pending, you will suffer from financial stress, which will lead to general stress. To avoid money problems coming up, make it a habit of sitting down together and addressing any money issues. Because you may not come to an agreement, it will serve you good to budget and stick to the same.

2. Children Change Relationship

The arrival of a baby can be a cause of your marriage problems, especially if your spouse does not understand your needs. This is a time that you need your spouse’s help and assistance in taking care of the baby and help in accomplishing other tasks. Failure by your spouse to provide the necessary help and assistance can leave you stressed, which can affect your health. Rather than develop a negative feeling towards your spouse, try your best to encourage communication between the two of you, at the same time trying to make your partner understand your needs.

3. Stress

Stress is a common problem that many women (and men) have to deal with. You may not escape stressful factors and situations. You will be making a mistake if you let stress interfere with your marriage. Share with your spouse any personal problem(s) you may be having. You will certainly receive the necessary support you need at such a time.

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4. No Time

Time is another major cause of marriage problems. The moment that you start paying too much attention to your job or any other activity, you will be risking your marriage. Note that your spouse and children (if any) need your time and attention. Try the best you can to balance your time.

5. Lack of Communication

Lack of communication in marriages is the other cause of marriage problems. Regardless of how angry you may be with your spouse, never resort to keeping to yourself. Continue talking to each other.

6. Poor habits

Poor habits on your part or your spouse’s part can present major marriage problems.  Play your part by changing those habits that you notice make your spouse uncomfortable.

It is every woman’s wish to stay in marriage no matter the difficulties and you should not take the problems you may be facing as the worst. Try your best to save your marriage for the benefit of your spouse and children.

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