My Husband Is Mummy’s Boy – How to Deal with it?

What do you do when you discover that your boyfriend or spouse is mummy’s boy? Being mummy’s boy can make a man act in strange ways that can leave you shocked and traumatized. It can be very disturbing for your mother-in-law to talk to you about something that you discussed as a couple and that you consider being personal. You will certainly start to wonder how she came to learn about what you had discussed. In most cases, the way your mother-in-law may confront you may drive you crazy. It is highly likely that she will scoff at you for your opinion on what you had discussed with her son. You can easily have marital stress if you do not take care of mummy’s boy.

Generally, mummy’s boy is heavily attached to his mother regardless of age. Although healthy during childhood, for a man to be closely attached to his mother at a time he is supposed to be independent in various ways can have serious effects on the man’s personality.  However, you may need to establish the nature of attachment your partner or spouse has with his mother before you take any drastic measures. Doing so will also enable you to decide the best way to help him because he may actually need help. Your partner or spouse may be attached to his mother for the following reasons and you can use the accompanying tips to deal with the same.

  • Personality disorder – Your spouse may have a personality disorder that hinders him from making suitable decisions. He will not make any decision when you discuss anything as a couple, instead waiting to hear what his mum will have to say. You may need to seek professional medical help to assist him.
  • Financial instability – your spouse may not have financial independence and will rely on her mother for all his financial needs. This particularly happens when he is unemployed and your own earnings do not meet all your family’s financial needs. If you are in steady employment, you can address this in a very clever way. While encouraging him to look for employment, you may also consider taking out a loan to enable him set up a business.
  • Medical conditions – Your spouse may be suffering from a medical condition that makes it necessary for his mother to provide the necessary care. In order to severe the attachment, you must be ready to provide the care and convince your mother-in-law that you can take care of his son as she would.
  • Emotional factor – Your spouse may be financially independent and healthy but have a strong emotional attachment with his mother. Some first and last-born sons are usually culprits. Having such a man requires a lot of patience and understanding, although it will definitely affect your marriage.
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It is important to note that a mother’s boy cannot have a healthy relationship or marriage. It therefore means that you have a lot to do when you discover that your partner or spouse is mummy’s boy.

Although the actions of your mummy’s boy may annoy you to the extreme, you need to note that you can take advantage of the situation to fit in perfectly well with the family and obtain benefits therein. Clever women have taken the advantage of their mummy’s boy inability to handle women on their own to ‘share’ in the love and attention that their spouses give to their mums. To achieve this, you will need not to interfere with the attachment but instead be part of it. You will literally be ready to be ‘controlled’ by his mother as she does to his son. This way, your spouse is likely to be in agreement with you and treat you in the same way that he treats his mother. The secret is not to be ‘jealous’ of the attachment, even if you are always the subject of discussion. Once you fit in and become ‘accepted’ by his mum, such talk will cease.

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      Totally agree! I love my husband dearly but his mum keep pulling strings. he come from broken family, that was his mum walked out from his father. but She turn around and told another story. like always! She plays victims card and get benefit of sympathy rewards. Have anyone heard?! after we married, he moved in my house and let his house fully occupied by his mum. And his mum dating different guys and brought them home,but asked us not to tell his father or covered up. As she can get all attention from everyone. I disapproval what she does, of course She is big mouth and often critize as she is the one has no moral. – help!
      I want to end of this marriage!@

  2. 5

    My partner sometimes speaks to his mum 5 times a day and I am never asked to go over there with him. He just says im goin to mums its just him n her I find this so annoying. Last night she rang, we had tea and he went over there n came home at 11.45 n wonders why im shitty.

    • 6

      My husband goes to his moms home everyday after work instead of coming to his own home to his wife and children and always says “well I have to help her” and im thinking what about me and the kids needing you?he always jumps and runs when his mom needs him but always leaves the kids and I without… dont know what to do about all of it really it shows me that he would rather be there. Ontop of that his mom is the worlds largest lier and
      The more he is around her the more lies and the more unreliable he is and does… . Driving me to the point of divorce. I would like to know what anyone thinks?

      • 7

        I truly believe the communication is the key. Have a word with your husband on how your kids/you feel neglected, if you think this conversation will negatively impact the situation, its good idea to tag along with him when he visits his mom, You can tell him that kids want to see their grand mother. I understand you can’t tolerate your mother in law ( you can’t change her), but you can ignore what she says/does. Ignorance is power.

  3. 8

    My husband is a terrible mama’s boy… he goes to his parent’s house EVERY night after work.
    Calls his parent’s house his “mother’s” house.
    Gives an xmas gift to his parents but says it’s for his mother. Things like this.

    Listens to her all the way through.

    Cheryl, I agree “wonders why im shitty” my husband is the same way, doesn’t understand why I am always upset when he gets home late (a couple to a few hours after he’s out of work because he goes there first!) and says I am why he does this! But… him doing what he is doing with his mother came first! Not me complaining about him doing it. 
    He looks for excuses.

    I’m sick of not having a real husband. He is his mother’s surrogate husband… And to be quite frank, it’s disturbing to me at this point.

    • 9

      I feel u on that mamma boy. I get tired of his mom always got something to say abt me . I love him. He mom worry abt his money. He drive tractor trailer. I met his mom from junious johnson on evrette st over south side Richmond,va. I don’t even ask him for money. I do a lot for him than he do for me. He put his family first. I ask him wat abt us? I better off be single. His mom two face I took her great niece family in my home fed JJ 6 kids and help her. She smiled in my face I gave her money for gas and food etc. She asked me to meet her son . I was not looking for nobody has my own problem. He is sweet guy and caring guy and he did sweep me off my foot we travel different place he treat me like a queen. His mom has husband who not give her no support and love. My boyfriend take care of his mom .his mom keep pulling him away from me .she hook us together. She is very jealous and pathology liar I ever seen in my life. I treat him good I told him I see why u can’t keep a woman. He has been in relationship few times they left him and use him for money. Me on other hand want whole package. He don’t have times for me he is a great guy play music and do rehearsal in the church. I don’t know wat future hold for us. Me just leave him alone for awhile.. His sister unhappiness and fake.

  4. 10

    Thanks for the wonderful article. My husband is also a Mama’s boy. I have really looked into all these possible causes and really i can’t match it with my case though. My husband is perfectly normal in all other scenarios of life. Only thing i can see is that he may be toooo much emotionally attached to his mother. I find it very disturbing. Whenever he is low due to any reason he prefers talking about it to his mother than me. I am really fed up with this thing. I love him so much but i am really fed up with his attitude towards me. 

  5. 11

    I love my husband but he’s a mummas boy…
    he always goes to his moms house after work to eat he says that I never make food that’s why he goes over there but no I never make food because he is always with his mother, so instead of making food for 2 I make food for just myself…
    we never spend time with my family, only with his,
    he always whats to know her opinion never mine,
    he goes to her for everything never to me.
    and one thing I hate is that she says that she will never get involved with our marriage but she is always involved she never minds her own business.
    and one thing that really bothers me for some reason is that he never wants to show any affection towards me when we are around his mother!!!
    and one reason I know for sure that it bothers me is because he would get made at me when I wouldn’t want to show any affection towards him infront of my parents.
    I am just really fed up with him and his mother…
    I mean I love my husband but I am getting really tired of this!!

  6. 12

    My fiance’ works near where his parents live and goes over there almost every night after work. It annoys the crap out of me. He won’t come home until after my child is in bed. It’s weird, though: he doesn’t seem like the typical mama’s boy. I actually really like his parents, and his mom is not interfering. Maybe they are just close, which is fine with me. What is NOT fine, however, is that I end up doing all the cooking and cleaning and childcare (on top of being a full time grad student) because he’s off eating dinner and screwing around at his parent’s house. I think we need to have a talk. I resent the fact that I get no leisure time and he has more than enough. Grrr….

  7. 13

    I have just finished with my boyfriend cos he is a mummys boy, his mother interfered in our lifes and made my life a misery….. saying and doing very inappropriate things……… If theyre a mummys boy, run like hell………..

  8. 14

    My boyfriend is mummy’s boy. He is 38yo and still lives with his parents. He always saiys “we are diffrent to the other families” because they move to another country when his parents got married and since then they are on their own all the time and did everything togethere. Well fair enough that he is very much attached to his parents but He is 38yo now and he still lives with them and his mum is always “do you want this?” “do you want that??” And when I have a fight with him she says to me ” my son is perfect I dont know why you fight with him??”
    He is now asking his mum to knit his sweater,fix his pants, last night he was accutually in bed with her (in the parents bed room) and dog talking and giggling for 1/2 an hour…
    And the dog he has. he bought a Boxer dog. Of corse his mum feeds the dog. They love dogs but they feed our food to the dog because the dog begs when we are eating and its cute when the dog eat off your hand. I told him its not good feeding the dog a human food like butter cheese toast steak and more.but he says “I told mum but she won’t listen!” So he can’t say any more to his mum.

    Most of clothe he has is made by his mum or bought by his mum cuz she says “I always want whats best for him!”
    Its like every day is “My son come home first time in 5years!” feeling in this house.
    Even little shopping they go together everywhere. After spending whole day together they still sit together talk for ages…
    I am living with him but there is hardly any time left for us and he doesnt care. even the valentines day we went out to dinner with his parents…
    I don’t really know what to do with him any more.
    He says he wants to move out and live with me soon but he just bought a new truck that needs a lot of work done and his father and he is doing it everyday. So I don’t think “move out and live with you” thing is happening…
    I just don’t have anyone to tell this story so thought to share this story here…
    If any of you have any advice would be nice.
    But just thanks for reading this!

  9. 15

    This does my head in too his mum never talks to me now and I’m sick of the way he comes to my house after work late cos he’s spent most of his time with her, when we go out for dinner its not just us two but his parents have to come along too its so annoying, and you cant talk to her about certain things u might be going through, and she even wanted her name on our bloody bank card!!! its like im in a relationship with her too its making me so mad and i feel like leaving but i love my man so much 🙁

    • 16

      I understand you so much! We live with my boyfriend’s parents and it is impossible to talk to him. Anything I say to him his mum will be answering. His mum always wants to be in the centre of attention. He has no problems his parents being around all the time. We even went out together on Valentines day!!
      My boyfriend is only child they have and they use to work day and night so my boyfriend learned to be all by himself. when I need to talk to him he never say anything or give me an advice or anything. Instead he shut himself in his own shell. I try to talk to him but all he sees is tv and computer and desn’t even look me in the eyes. Thats how he react to something he doesnt wanna deal with.
      Worst thing is that if there is something between me and his parent, he will always on his parents side!
      Well I really think I need to finish this…

  10. 17

    Been married to a mama’s boy for 7 years – while he is more loving and more domesticated than other men because of this – there are BIG issues! – Two of the main things the article touches on, which is the issue I have with my husband is his inablility to make any decisions and inability on financial responsiblity. He lived with his mum until the age of 43 – so she is the head of the house and makes all the financial decisions and he just follows – this has now been transferred to our marriage, with me making all the financial decisions and its really tiring and stressful when there is no support on decisions to be made. Also general decision making is not his forte, again I am having to be both husband and wife and make all the decisions, – I as much as I care for him – I am reaching the end of the my rope as the discussions have been one sided with no response from him on any financial or other decisions resulting in me being stressed all the time with massive migraines daily…….I think I need to get out of this marriage now as I cannot cope.

  11. 18

    I have to say you guys are all fairly lucky in comparison to my situation…. He won’t marry me as he is worried what his mother will think, his mother asks about our sex lives and gets herself involved in the most personal aspects of our relationship. She calls with never ending emergencies ( none of which are emergencies she just wants him on the phone)
    I am thirty years old and have past relationships with men who love their mothers and who I get along with happily. But this woman can’t stand that we are together, I am never good enough and she is always playing games to get his attention.
    We have been together five years now and I am ready to take the next step ( marriage) but as long as his mother has a say this is only going to happen in my imagination.
    If anyone has any advice other than leave him It would be greatly appreciated.
    I am tired of feeling like I am in competition with a 50 year old woman. I excluded from every meeting it’s as if I don’t exist when they are together, to the point where he won’t pick up the phone to me if I call when he is with her.
    Hurting is becoming common place for me.

    • 19

      You need to seriously consider if you want to spend the rest of your life in this situation. It will not change, and unfortunately, it will get worse. I’ve been married to a Mama’s Boy fit almost 31 years. It is mentally and emotionally debilitating, as well as abusive. The fights get worse over time. We have become distant more and more over time. I even attempted suicide at one point for feeling so worthless to him. Thankfully I survived, and decided he was not worth giving up my life. To stay with a man like this you have to either except it and let it be that way always or it never ends. I use to truly love my husband. I thought love would make all the difference in the world. It didn’t. Aren’t YOU worth more than that? Are you prepared to live this way for the rest his mother’s life? Do not let a man, his mother, anyone take away yourself worth.

    • 20

      i know this is not what you want to hear but you must RUN, RUN,RUN, this relationship will only cause you years of misery. i was in your shoes and spent 20 years with a man who put his mother before me in every instance. she was manipulative needy and a martyr to the cause. she would practically kiss his ass every time he called. now shes a widow and has my husband on speed dial all day and night. she;s out of fags, out of tablets, bread , milk anything to keep him with her and of course he will drop everything and run. while younger and raising kids while this is constantly hurtful and stressful you are too busy to give it full attention. trust me this will only get worse , i now look at my hubby and i see her face, i hate both of them but at 52 and having wasted 25 years on this mummys boy my health is not good and i dont have the strength to start over again, i would definetely attribute my poor health to years of underlying anger and hurt and i wish i could go back 20 years and run for the hills. my husband had many good qualities but over time these matter less and you will never ever change her or him . i wish you luck but if you marry this man you will have a lifetime of grief anger and rejection is he really that special??

  12. 21

    I love my husband but he always thinks that I m wrong and his parents are right. I m not able to deal with it. The discussion went so serious that he wants to leave me. I can’t be a burden to my parents and can’t live a life like this. I have decided to suicide.

  13. 23

    So depressed and in a different country without any body to share or discuss. Have no job and dependent on my husband. He has clearly want to part ways but I can live a life without him and also can’t bare everything what my inlaws tell me. The problem has spread between families. My parents are ready to have me back and support but I don’t want to be a burden.

  14. 24

    I am 20 and my boyfriend is mid 20’s i think it’s nice being close to your mum but he is just too close to her it drives me insane, it’s getting weirder as we go along and it’s ruining are relationship, I’ve tried to speak to him about it but he thinks it’s normal!!! We have been together nearly a year and if it seems so bad already is there any point!

    • 25

      I have the same problem, me and my boyfriend are the same age (in our early 20’s) and he is constantly obsessed with his mum, at first I thought it was cute, but its almost been a year, and I’m beginning to find it weird! I live quite far away from him and today I rang him to see how he was, he said he was in bed with his mum watching a film! Is this odd, or am I just overeacting? Other things that I’ve noticed is when I go round his house, shes very conscious about our sex life, and constantly brings it up, which I find very weird! He also handles her like the way he handles me sometimes, like putting his arms around her, giving her long hugs. I don’t really know how boys act round there mums? So I don’t know if this is something to judge.

  15. 26

    NEVER,EVER, EVER… NEVER marry or even date a mummy’s boy. It is sheer HELL! I married one, and it slowly poisons the relationship. A woman CANNOT have a normal relationship with a mummy’s boy – there will always be THREE people in the relationship. These are the man, his wife… and the nosy, interfering, jealous, bitchy old hag of a mother-in-law.
    I totally accept that I sound annoyed – I am annoyed… and that’s putting it very politely! Mummy’s boys always seem to have a very particular type of mother. One that is clingy, possessive, jealous, nosy, intrusive and a monstrous gossip. This sort of mother CANNOT let her son grow up, and CANNOT accept when her son has left home and found a wife or girlfriend. NO way! This sort of mother has to be the ONLY woman in her drippy son’s life; she CANNOT bear for any other woman to take her son’s attention. What this article suggests is a waste of time. There is NO point whatsoever in attempting to change, or to try to fit in with and live with a mummy’s boy. The relationship dynamic will never change – because mummy’s boys are rarely, if ever, capable of manning-up and making that change!
    Mummy’s boys find it impossible to stand up to their mothers. As a result, their mothers find it easy to manipulate them. For example, wives and girlfriends of mummy’s boys may find that “nobody cooks or cleans as well as mummy does”. Their own housekeeping skills will always be compared to mummy’s, and WILL be found lacking (most often by mummy first – and then her weakling son will go along with her). Wives and girlfriends of mummy’s boys may find themselves constantly criticized for what they wear, how they do their hair, what job they have, what car they drive… in fact, ANY decision they make, and ANYTHING they do, that does not seem to meet with the jealous and possessive mummy’s approval.
    I get the impression that the mothers of mummy’s boys see themselves as being IN COMPETITION with their son’s wife or girlfriend. This is NOT healthy. Remember Oedipus? There may be more truths buried in Greek Mythology than we like to imagine! A man should NOT feel tied to his mother for life; he should NOT feel that he is obliged to see her as the only woman in his life. It is beyond weird for a mother to make such demands of a son.
    A normal, healthy mother can accept that her grown son has sexual and romantic urges – and that these are directed towards women that are NOT her. Just HOW weird is it for a mother to demand that her son only loves her? It’s pretty much INCESTUOUS! The way mummy’s boys and their mothers work is a little bit incestuous – it is definitely creepy, and SO not normal! Whilst it may be usual for sons to compare their partners to their mothers, in respect of looking for traits that they like in a woman (e.g. a man with a strong mother may want a strong wife), it is NOT normal, or healthy, for a MOTHER to compare herself to her son’s partner. She is a different generation, and her son’s PARENT.
    The sort of mother who is jealous of her son’s wife or girlfriend is an odd, worrying sort of woman. It is NOT normal, or natural, for a mother to compete with her son’s partner. It is utterly RIDICULOUS for a mother to be jealous of her son’s wife or girlfriend – jealous of her looks, her career, her lifestyle, or her bond of affection with the man in her life. At the end of the day, we ALL age, and any of us who have children MUST accept that one day, they “fly the nest”. This is a natural fact of life. The woman who cannot accept this has a huge problem – and makes huge problems for her son.
    If you recognize behaviours in your relationship that suggest your man is a mummy’s boy, then my advice is to think VERY carefully… these men rarely change. If they do not, and cannot change, then maybe the best thing to do is WALK. To spend your life being criticized, belittled, snubbed, bad-mouthed by your hubby’s mother is sheer HELL. And all the while, your man will NOT stand up for you; or he will downplay what is going on, telling you that you are at fault for “making a fuss over nothing”. THIS is the reality of living with a mummy’s boy. His mother will be envious of your looks, of your lifestyle choices. She will poke her nose into how you live your life – telling you how to raise your kids, commenting on your career or educational qualifications and choices, criticizing your housekeeping, making nasty jibes about your appearance, morals, beliefs… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do will be subject to scrutiny, and there will NEVER be just two of you in your relationship. Mummy will always be there… Just like a creepy mummy in a horror film! Hanging around, causing trouble and misery!
    I hate to be so negative, as in some ways, I still care dearly about my husband. However, he and his family have bled me dry, as sure as ever a bunch of Vampires might. YEARS of interference, of nasty comments, of criticisms… wear anyone down. If any of you women out there have any sense at all… You will do your very best to avoid ever getting involved with a mummy’s boy!

    • 27

      With the lovely words you use to describe your mother in law, I’m sure you were never to blame for the toxic environment…

      • 28

        Sometimes, the words one chooses to describe another person arise as a result of having spent a long time around that character, and getting to know them. In my case, it was more than 20 unfortunate years spent around my mother-in-law… 20 years during which I did my utmost to be pleasant to the woman in question.
        For instance, she was not prevented from spending time with my husband and I – even when she turned up unannounced (and sometimes at the most inconvenient of moments), she was rarely turned away, and never treated rudely. We took her out for meals, visited her, went shopping with her, helped her with the gardening… When her husband (my father-in-law) was diagnosed with cancer, my husband and I did everything we could to support my mother-in-law. We let her call round, or telephone us whenever she felt the need (even late at night). We took time off work to assist her with meetings with Social Workers, Doctors and so forth. We spent time visiting at the Hospice. We gave her the chance to let off steam, and gave her a shoulder to cry on. In return, she ungratefully told other family members that NOBODY supported her – and went on to accuse us of not being there enough for her.
        It was after this incident with my father-in-law that my attitude towards my mother-in-law changed. Until then, I had tolerated her occasional snide remarks. After she made my husband and I feel dreadful for apparently “not supporting” her (which is totally untrue) my husband had a HUGE row with her, and decided that he no longer wanted any contact with her. So, actually, I could argue that he is as much annoyed with his mother as I am.
        THAT is my point… and why I describe her in the way I do. It is the result of her having PROVED to both me, and my husband (her devoted son) that she IS truly interfering, demanding and ungrateful. Her actions have spoken for her.
        Whatever words I may choose to describe this woman are nowhere near as unpleasant as the pain and hurt that she has caused me – and worse, has caused my poor husband.

    • 29

      You are right. I’m suffering from my toxic in law. Our marriage is just 4 months old nd I’m already fed up with her. She wants me to wake early morning to cook clean the house nd do random stuffs. My husband does night shifts nd he comes in early morning. As a wife and a newly wed , does anyone think I’m wrong if I wanted to spend some time with him ??? If I’m not in kitchen that time she gets pissed off. Finally, just finally we planned to have our time off, went for our honeymoon and when he told her about that she was pissed that we are not taking her along. She says he have changed since he brought home me his wife, now he don’t discuss anything with her. Wat on earth is there to discus ? Which position we are using while fucking.? I hate her I hate her I hate her to the core. She makes me do all household jobs while she enjoys her soap opera. She even complained about me using a washing machine to wash clothes, says I shud do it own my own since she used to do it that way. I mean what am I ?? When did I took an oath to be like her?? I took an oath to be with her son not to that stinking old bitch. Fuck . god I hate her.

      • 30

        I am married for 2 years and have a baby 1.5 years old. For my husband, my mother in law is the ultimate. He cannot take any decision on his own. My MIL manipulates him always by talking to him extremely sweetly and getting things done in her favour. She pretends to love him, but the fact is that she loves herself and she is selfish. Instead of encouraging him to sleep on time, she chit chats with him till past mid night and my husband ends up sleeping late and then waking up early for work. Remember, she can wake up late in the morning. And even take afternoon naps. She offers him slightly stale food but after making it steaming hot so that the stale taste does not show. She has destroyed our relationship, I am still clinging on to him just because I think baby needs his dad too, so, divorce should not be considered.

      • 31

        So true
        My mother in law is extremely rigid and stubborn evertging had to be her way
        And the washing machine thing totally been through it she told me I have to wash my underwear by hand
        And to top it swears at me brutally she said she wishes I was dead like how stone hearted
        Her voice makes me want to Run
        And no i never imagined this for myself such and idiot for marrying him
        I sussed before marriage she’s controlling

    • 32

      I agree with this 100%. All of it.

      I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years, and I don’t see us lasting much longer. All of these problems and situations have been a constant roadblock for us in our relationship. He has broken up with me on numerous occasions because she has told him to. To be honest, I’m insane for having stayed this long. She outright bullies me to my face IN FRONT of him, and he will not say anything to her. She will make comments on the house, on my schooling, on my dogs, on my weight, on my family… Anything to get her digs at me because she is threatened by our relationship. In fact, his mother, brother and sister do this.

      Ladies, run. If you are in a new relationship and see these warning signs: Leave. I used to be a ‘love conquers all things’ type of lady, but it doesn’t. When you have a man who is TOO attached to his mother, you will never be good enough, you will always be undermined, you will always come last, and you WILL be miserable because he doesn’t value you enough to stick up for you. This is a sign a emotional immaturity on his part and he will be incapable of fulfilling your needs as a partner. He will expect you to mirror his mother and be his caretaker, not his lover and friend, and no amount of talking or compromising will fix it. This is a deep-rooted issue within their family function that requires counselling in THEIR relationship to fix.

    • 33

      I agree 100percent except in my case its not just the mother in law its also the sister in laws
      My husband actually expected me to dress like one of his sisters and the mother shouts and screams abuse at me my husband told me it was my fault and didn’t tell his mother to calm down

      His mum looks me up and down criticizes my clothes and nit picks to an extent to drive a person insane
      He hasn’t divorced me but I ran from living under the same roof as a controlling women who thinks its competition between her and her daughter in law
      What messed up mentality
      And I tell you the sisters are Poison when your manis to close to them

      Always be cautious frommarrying a family where the women all wear the trouses but expect you to not even talk

  16. 34

    I have a strange one, my husband recently was injured and in the hospital. When I was visiting him one night he received a text from his mother that stated and I quite “I can’t wait to get home to be your personal nurse”. This is very strange and makes me wonder what other things she is saying to him or other things that are going on between them. Any thoughts?

  17. 35

    You are describing what I’m going through now. I am engaged and love my fiance very much and everything was great in the beginning until I found we were spending everyday with his parents we never have any alone time together they go everywhere with us and his bitch and yent of mother is a control freak to say the least . she blames us for everything. I cry everyday over this I love him but willing to walk away than again I can’t bri gmyself to leave him with his mom I feel sorry for him in a way. Don’t have a relationship with my family like I use to cause of this . I m at my wits end don’t know what to do and have no help at all I’m not a quitter give it my all but I’m emotionally worn down by this bitch future mother in-law thank god we don’t have kids yet if we did she would never see them

  18. 36

    My partner is a mummies boy, but what annoys me, is that he puts his parents first, over our daughter, all the time..
    He is very lazy around the house.. I have to clean up after him.. I have had enough.. He hardly spends time with his daughter.. But he will dropped everything to go to his mum.. What am I meant to do?

  19. 37

    oh god, women’s my husband is a big mommy boy, she wants to come with us to our honeymoon.its an arranged marriage, i m a indian bride. this family is so new and to top it off he is a big mommy boy. doesnt she have sense, she is planning to come with us, that she is my mom in law if its confusing women’s, god , shit, women out there pls share your thoughts , she is driving me mad 🙁

  20. 38
  21. 39

    My husband has shown real clear signs that he is too dependent of his parents, recently his parents found out that we were having disagreements and encouraged him to leave me, who is his wife, and so he left. He got his own place and left me, and yet he says he loves me and wants to try to save our marriage, but now I’m having second doubts. I don’t think he’ll ever unattach himself from his parents. Both have such a strong influence over him but more than any his mother. Who acts like im just an intruder in their life. If it were up to her, he would be loving her not me. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  22. 40

    Hello friends, Reading this article I want to share about my life, I am soo dippressed, I feel if i share with anyone I feel Little better. My husband is big mamma’s boy his father died when he was 7 years old soo he very affectionate to his mother. We got married 2 years back when he was 35 yrs and I was 23. I m an traditional hindi girl my mother in law is christen, so hope you people will understand what kind of problem I will be facing in home always. Apart from this my husband always listen to his mother more then me. Whatever fight he supports only his mother and not me. He love me and married I too love him alot but because of his mother we get fight often. He says whatever my in law talks I should adjust and go because he is my mother in law soo I should always sacrifice my happiness for her. Everything in our home is decorated to her wish I should not keep my God photo in home like this problem goes on … Many times I get stressed and I will be not having my food even 3 to 4 days many times I thought to die but still my husband not changed abit now we have a baby girl 4 months old still he not changed keep on being mamma’s boy giving stress to me lot. Then I m not important for him right I don’t know how to overcome this situation please some one help me

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