Relationship Issues After Birth – What to do?

Giving birth to a baby brings with it many challenges you have to face as a new mom. The changes your body goes through after birth no doubt take a toll on your body and mind. The attention your baby needs worsens an already bad situation. Then there comes another challenge in the form of how to maintain your relationship with your partner, children (if they are there), friends, colleagues and possibly your extended family.

The challenges that you go through should never overwhelm you. Indeed, you do not to consider whatever you go through as a challenge but as transformation. Although the focal point, arrival of your baby should signal the start of building strong relationships, especially with your partner. You need to overcome the challenges together so as to grow stronger as you find a new sense of respect for each other, which is possible through sharing of experiences that bind you together. A good and healthy relationship between you and your partner should be the basis of developing a good friendship with others.

One of the main things that are bound to affect your relationships including with your partner is tiredness. Attending to your baby and the regular sleep deprivations make you tired to a point where you can barely attend to anyone else. This causes unnecessary tension that you can easily avoid. The best you can do is to communicate. It is only good that your partner understands your feels and what you go through. Communicating your feelings makes it possible for your partner to come in with a helping hand, which is important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

The other thing that is most likely to affect your relationship with your partner after giving birth is your low sex drive. Levels of both estrogen and progesterone generally remain very low, which lowers your sex drive. It can be worse in case you had assisted birth you probably have stitches. It literally becomes impossible to engage in sex. There are three things you can do here. First, create time for you and your partner only. Spending quality time with your partner makes it possible for the two of you to communicate and make crucial decisions on issues that may arise, issues that may cause avoidable tensions and conflicts. Indeed, it is at such time that you can talk about your feelings.

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The last main thing that is most likely to affect your relationship with your partner is  ‘decision making’. Parenting involves making decisions. Some decisions can be very crucial and to make them on your own can cause tension and conflict. You need to give your partner sufficient time to play his parenting role too. The fact that you may both have different views on how best to best to care for and bring up your baby should be the cause for conflicts. You need to seek each other’s opinion on any issue relating to the baby just in the same way that you do with other issues.

The challenges you go through as a new mom and in particular in case you are a first-time mom should strengthen you both at individual and family levels. You should be able to find it easy relating to your friends, colleagues, and extended family members after that.

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