6 Common Reasons why Men Cheat Their Partners

In a marital relationship, women always expect a loving and trusting husband with a happy and peaceful life. But, if they find cheating husbands when they themselves are highly committed to the relationship, their dream of having a happy family gets shattered and they become devastated. Women often feel clueless about the reasons due to which their guys are cheating on them, and fail to listen to their womanly instincts that they are being cheated. Find out 6 most common reasons and know why men cheat:

To cope with stress and anxiety

In today’s world, life has become nothing but a rat race. ‘Struggle’ has come out to be the most powerful word in one’s life. Most of the men often become unable to cope up with the work pressure, stress and anxiety. Being frustrated, they seek an extramarital affair and thus cheating on their wives becomes a ‘coping mechanism’ for them. It gives them a high by boosting their ego satisfaction and keeping their self esteem high through the low phases of profession and career.

To get out of emotional dissatisfaction

When it comes to the causes for why men cheat, the emotional frustration comes before many other reasons. Nowadays, women are highly independent, confident and career-oriented. While balancing the work life and family life, they often prioritize taking care of their children over the emotional needs of their husbands. In these situations, men find themselves emotionally neglected and end up looking for satisfaction in extramarital relationships.

To follow the footprints of parents

Yes, previous history of his parent’s fragile marital relationship and extramarital affairs could definitely lead a man to cheat on his wife. It is often seen that men who have witnessed either one or both of their parents to cheat on and fail to maintain a healthy marital relationship are more likely to involve themselves in extramarital affairs. They consider their parents as their ideals and never believe that their decision is wrong.

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To avoid cheating wife

If a man finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he becomes seriously depressed. When he gets to know that his wife is involved in extramarital relationship, he starts feeling that his wife does not need him anymore. He feels himself ignored and unwanted. These emotional feelings drive him to cheat on his wife.

To get a divorce

Cheating is a very common and useful tool for men who are extremely tired and disappointed with their marital relationship. They desperately want to break away from their wives and that is why they get involved in extramarital affairs. They believe that cheating on their wives would lead them to divorce which would make them free from that cold and boring relationship.

To get relief from tedious life

Boredom is another big issue for men that often leads them to cheat on their wives. If a man does not get enough events and plans at home to make his days interesting, enough social life to enjoy, and enough special moments to share with his wife, he feels bored. This dull and monotonous family life triggers them to look for extramarital affairs and have fun outside their homes.

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