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Acne in Your 30’s – Causes & Treatment

Development of acne is often common in teenagers. This is mainly because their skin is less sticky compared to that of adults and therefore highly susceptible to having their skin pores clogged. This is why teens present both whiteheads and blackheads on their facial skin and other parts of their body. Just like with teens, adults too are susceptible to develop acne. Indeed, most women start developing acne soon after



Types of Acne Scars – How to Treat them?

One major characteristic of acne treatment is the development of acne scars that remain on areas of skin previously affected. Acne scars are bound to remain even with the most careful treatment. Acne scars can be very disturbing; they literally make one’s skin look uneven and therefore unattractive. Although there are various acne scars treatment options, not all are appropriate for eliminating the same. There are different types of acne