Cosmetic Allergy – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Cosmetics are generally products or substances that you apply on your skin. They include moisturizers, hair conditioners, nail polish, perfumes, emulsifiers and pigments among others. Different cosmetics contain different ingredients including inert materials, botanical substances, and essential oils among others. Widely used across the world, the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion industry. Indeed it is estimated that the industry has surpassed the $60 mark recorded in 2014. On the other



Hay Fever – Symptoms, Causes & Remedies

Having a sensitive immune system makes you highly likely to develop allergic reactions to dust and pollen. When you inhale the same, your body’s immune system produces a specific antibody (immunoglobulin E), which binds to most cells. As you inhale dust or pollen, the bound immunoglobulin E antibody is stimulated, causing the release of inflammatory mediators, which in effect cause inflammation itching and production of mucus. Causes of Hay Fever