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Acne in Your 30’s – Causes & Treatment

Development of acne is often common in teenagers. This is mainly because their skin is less sticky compared to that of adults and therefore highly susceptible to having their skin pores clogged. This is why teens present both whiteheads and blackheads on their facial skin and other parts of their body. Just like with teens, adults too are susceptible to develop acne. Indeed, most women start developing acne soon after



5 Main Causes of Acne – Symptoms & Treatment

Acne is a group of skin diseases that you are likely to suffer at point or another in your life. They include pimples, black/whiteheads and pinheads. You are likely to suffer any of these conditions on your face, chest and on your back. Acne can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. On healing, you are bound to have acne scars, which can be disturbing. You are most likely to suffer acne during