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5 Easy Tips to Create Perfect Smokey Eyes

It seems smoky eyes are here to stay after all. What started as a simple way of having fun has unexpectedly grown in popularity. Attend any party or function and you will not miss noticing smoky eyes around. Smoky eyes have become the classic way of changing your face in a dramatic way. Regardless of whether you have what you may call big or small eyes, you can have irresistible-looking



Look Sexy This Season, Regardless of Your Body Shape

Looking sexy is not something that occurs on its own, it is something that takes your time, plan and create. Your body shape is an aspect of your physical appearance that influences (either positively or negatively) on your body image. While you can undertake cosmetic surgery, exercises and dieting to achieve a perfect sexy body, you also need to pay a close attention to your wardrobe. You may employ appropriate