Botox & Its Alternatives

Botox is a protein substance that is produced by a bacterium scientifically known as clostridium botulinum. Botox has traditionally been used by ophthalmologists to treat eye problems related to eye muscles. Botox has the effect of relaxing eye muscles. Botox is also widely used in treating cervical dystonia, a condition common in some women that is characterized by contraction of neck and shoulder muscles. In addition, Botox enjoys America’s Food


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Botox – Benefits, Safety & Side-effects

Your body muscles work perfectly well when they contract and retract, allowing you to undertake various activities including walking and running amongst other activities. In doing so, the muscles receive the necessary signal from your brain, prompting you to undertake the necessary activity and your muscles play a vital role in this. You may however have a condition in which your muscles fail to receive any signal from the brain