Skin Care

Ways to Treat Stressed-Out Skin

Today life is pretty stressful. This increased tense lifestyle is responsible for various types of mental and physical ailments. What is stress? Well, stress is the mode of responding to changed circumstances both mentally and emotionally. The way you react to a particular perilous and potential situation is stress. Partying late night shows its repercussions on your skin. The altered lifestyle leaves its impacts on your skin. The skin is oftentimes irreversible.



Good Stress or Bad Stress – Which Is Good For Me?

Stress gets so much flak these days. It sounds so negative because it’s usually associated with bad feelings, headaches and dozens of physical, emotional and mental concerns. What people don’t know is that it’s actually good for our bodies. Imagine how your life will look like without stress. It looks boring, doesn’t it? If you don’t have any stress in your life then you’ll get bored and not live up