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3 Easy Yoga Asans(Positions) for Working Women

Of all the working population around the world, women are the most affected. The mere fact of balancing work and family responsibilities takes a toll on the body. This is the main reason why most working women have such problems as high stress levels and overweight. You are likely to suffer such problems due to lack of exercise. While you may wish to exercise, you may be limited by time



Yoga for Fat Burning

Being over weight or obese as a result of excess fat deposits in the body poses a number of heath challenges. Obesity has been linked to such health conditions as heart, coronary and other diseases whose treatment is not only a problem but also expensive. In order to address the serious health challenges that obesity presents, various programs have been developed. Such include exercise programs specifically designed to burn fat


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How Yoga can help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Being overweight does not only hinder you from undertaking your daily routines without effort, it presents many health risks. It is likely that you have embarked on various weight loss programs that however turn out unsuccessful. Failure of any appropriate loose weight program does not men that such a program is ineffective (although some weight loss programs are). How to loose weight fast depends on several factors, including your commitment